Lovely Links

Hellllllo and happy Friday! I haven’t been in San Francisco the past two weekends and I’m really looking forward to soaking up the pretty city and spending time with good friends. What are your weekend plans?

Here’s a few of my favorite things from the Internet over the past week or so. Lots of good articles and Internet fabulousness to catch up on – whether it’s in your bed Saturday morning with a cup of coffee or on the bus/train on the way to your next adventure. Have a good one!

How happiness changes with age. Fave line: “Your happiness has evolved, just as you have.”

Warehouse sale from Curly Girl Design. Stock up on those cards and canvases!

On making mistakes

Yay! Aimee redesigned her blog.

I’m still reading the Twentysomething Girl book. It’s seriously the cutest!

How to be a better {healthier AND happier!} person

Why you should have a mentor {or several}

Photo found here



One response to “Lovely Links

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, gurlfrand! SO happy to have you back for a solid weekend! xx!

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