why do you work out?


Lorna Jane is such a rad fitness apparel brand and I love how they encourage and promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. Their Move Nourish Believe blog is a go-to source for inspiration, workout tips and more. Once I saw they do their own Thursday Thankful, I was completely head over heels. The brand recently posted an article sharing twenty reasons to workout as decided by the Lorna Jane community. The illustrations were too adorable not to share and I was inspired to think about why I love working out too.

I love feeling stronger after working out. I love having that “me time” with my body where I can truly focus on how amazing we are as humans and be thankful for working legs and arms and more. I love that there are so many options: swimming and pilates and the elliptical at the gym and running through the park and hiking and playing soccer or tennis. I love finding that perfect balance in my life: relaxing and also being active, eating a huge delicious dinner and enjoying a big long yoga class. I love that I feel happier and more fulfilled after spending that hour or so sweating it out.

Why do you work out?



2 responses to “why do you work out?

  1. Vicki Villarreal Lenio

    I love these Andi!

    I work out, because it gives me a sense of accomplishment, is empowering, gives me time to clear my head, puts me in charge of my physically destiny… And it just makes me feel good.

  2. Oh thanks so much!
    We are so grateful you love our site.
    MNB x

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