what glass half full really means

First, let me tell you something about strength. You can’t buy it and you most certainly cannot get it overnight. It is earned, like muscle sinews that grow and fortify over years of hard exercise. Second, I wouldn’t say my glass is always half full. There are days when it’s cracked and leaking, days when it’s chipped and even shattered. But then I get the Krazy Glue out and fix it, and suddenly it’s half full again. Even though it’s patched up in places, I’ve made it my own with the beveled edges and beautiful etching that perspective brings.

– Kelle Hampton, author of Bloom

I’ve always viewed myself as a “glass half full” kind of girl and embraced a mindset focused on optimism and the good. Sometimes I think others think this means I live with my head in the clouds, completely out of touch with reality….which just isn’t true. What this really means is that every single day I pick up the pieces of my life – sometimes broken, sometimes messy, sometimes painful – and choose to construct them in an uplifting way. Not every day of my life is happy and exciting and wonderful, but I choose to seek the good even in the not-so-good days and moments. I love the way Kelle {currently reading her beautiful book} puts it because that’s literally how I feel some days. Through God’s grace, I’m mending and repairing and fixing the glass which is my life and putting it back together. I’ve come to love and cherish the messy and bruised pieces of my glass because they remind me of who I am, where I come from and just how beauty and positivity can come from the most unlikely places.

Enjoy your day, friends!


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