The 7am Monthly Experiment

Zach and I decided to do a challenge of sorts during the month of July: wake up every day before 7 am. The idea was based off of John’s monthly experiments, where he decided to do one challenge each month. The goal of his monthly experiments are to build an ideal life one teeny, tiny step at time. His reasoning for the monthly experiments include:

  1. It’s fun to try something new.
  2. It’s only a month. A month is easy. It’s bite-size. You can do that.
  3. You can’t fail at an experiment.
  4. It’s good to challenge yourself once in a while.
  5. Many experimenters say it helps them create better habits.

It first I thought it would be easy to be “flexible” with the challenge..until Z reminded me that we needed a way to hold each other accountable. His idea was to text each other a photo of our feet on the ground before 7am each day. I originally thought I share more feet photos with this post {since I have 30+ combined from both Zach and I}, but quickly realized the photos aren’t so great {aka: I need to get a pedicure}. This photo is from one ambitious day that I decided to head to the gym super early!

Around the same time as our monthly experiment started, this article in The Atlantic reported that the more self-control people have, the more satisfied they were with their lives. And contrary to what the researchers were expecting, people with more self-control were also more likely to be happy in the short-term. The article is fascinating to me: self-control {in my case…forcing myself to get out of bed at 6:45 on a Saturday when I have zero plans} leads to a higher and more positive attitude and in turn, actions.

This challenge is easy on the days I have to be in the office. I wake up early normally, so getting started a little earlier never is a big deal. But weekends?! Really!? On the days where I had no set plans until later in the day have been the tough ones so far. What do I do in the morning with the extra time? Gym or pilates class, journaling, writing some handwritten notes, organizing my closet, making juice, a long morning walk, enjoying a cup of coffee at Jane, stretching…the list goes on and on.

Now you tell me — how does self-control make you feel happier and healthier? Would you ever try a monthly experiment? xo



8 responses to “The 7am Monthly Experiment

  1. Wow, I really like this monthly experiment! I’ve always been a fan of trying something new, even if just for a short while. I feel that self-control lets me feel like I have self-awareness and can be comfortable with what is going to happen and have a sense of direction.

  2. I’ve done a couple challenges in the past and either the habit sticks, or it totally fails because what ever I was trying just wasn’t right for me. Or the timing wasn’t right. I’ve learned not to see those failings as a reflection in myself but as lessons.

    I especially love the idea of taking pictures of your feet when you first get up. I have have to try this myself ;-)

    • Merina – the photo of the feet definitely wasn’t my idea but my friend Zach insisted we needed a way to hold each other accountable…and it’s worked!I think what you shared about learning a lesson from these sort of challenges. It doesn’t matter if you slip or miss a day or something – as long as you continue learning and growing. xo!

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  4. This sounds like such a great idea. I will definitely be trying this now.

  5. At first, when I was reading this, I was thinking, wow, she’s lucky that she doesn’t have to get up before 7 on a regular basis! And then I realized that you meant weekends too….that would be difficult!

    • Emily – right?! The weekends are the tough part. During the week it’s never AS hard since I wake up early for work. Hope you’re having a lovely week and thanks for your comment! xo

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