simple moments

i’ve shared about simple moments before and wanted to take a moment to uncover a few other simple, lovely things that i’ve appreciated lately. one of my favorite authors and bloggers ann voskamp wrote: “simplicity is ultimately a matter of focus.” i was scrolling through some new and old instagram photos and wanted to share a few of my favorite simple moments and experiences. as someone who is constantly running around like a crazy person, always on the lookout for the next wild and silly adventure, always adding another bracelet to my wrist, always ending up in complicated conversations, it’s really wonderful and necessary for me to take a step back and focus on the uncomplicated, easy and effortless things. these things are anything and everything from bridges and sunsets to necklaces and handwritten cards. the more you look out for simple beauty in your day-to-day life, the more of it you’ll find. can you tell that’s my mantra these days? xo

in order above:
{1} morning coffee + the sweetest hello sunshine! rifle paper co. card from ali
{2} pretty shells and a horseshoe at general store
{3} easy outfits: american eagle necklace, j.crew tee and zara leather jacket
{4} a gluten-free breakfast at jane
{5} abandoned bridge in grand rapids, ohio
{6} carrot cake from the cutest cafe in barcelona
{7} re-reading an old and beautiful card from jenna
{8} wearing earrings from mom

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