choose beauty: what i love about me

Confession: I love fashion magazines. I love pouring through the pages to find out styles are coming next season and to get inspired on how to remix my wardrobe and beauty routine. I think magazines are often blamed for portraying women in a negative or unrealistic way and while I’m not disagreeing with that, I think some publications need to be celebrated for doing the opposite. There’s one feature in my favorite magazine, Marie Claire, that is my all-time favorite; even more than the articles on beautiful clothes, eyeshadow advice and coolest places to shop. The feature is called What I Love About Me and each month, the magazine picks one city and interviews girls on the street asking them what they love about themselves. All too often, readers turn to media to tell us what is beautiful or deemed worthy, and this feature turns the tables and asks readers themselves to share why they think they are beautiful.

What I realized is that I love reading these inspiring things from ladies across the country just like me, but it’s a lot harder than I thought initially to pinpoint what I love about me. This Margo Anand quote reminded me to take a step back and really remind myself what loving myself really looks like: “Loving yourself…does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic, or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, a guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion.” Loving your body doesn’t mean you are all the time perfectly happy with every aspect of it, but instead that you are thankful for the gift that it is – and what it fuels to do, from the inside out.

One way I’ve learned to seek out the unique beauty I bring to the world is to develop a quick list of what I love about me. Here it goes!

A bright and beaming smile
A body that fuels me to run, shake, dance, walk, breathe
Dark eyelashes
My energy and enthusiasm
Being {physically and emotionally} strong
Being okay with just wearing leggings and a t-shirt {all too often}
My expressive blueish green eyes
Imperfections that make me unique
An outrageously silly laugh
Elbows! {why don’t we appreciate them more?}
Brightly colored toenails
Laugh lines
Being able to talk to anyone, anytime
Tiny freckles from being in the sun
The tiny little mole on my stomach
Dainty necklaces accenting my collarbones
Reddish hair! {which is sometimes blonde and other times dark brown…}
The scar on my back from my open heart surgery
Full lips
Remembering that beauty flows from the inside out

Today I encourage you to acknowledge and appreciate what you love about yourself. And I want to hear from you! what do you love about you?

Image via the very talented Jenn from the Life Unfolds blog

This is part of the Choose Beauty Linkup—an ongoing series that focuses on topics related to beauty—what real beauty is, what makes us feel beautiful, how we pursue lasting beauty in our lives, the roots behind our body image issues, etc. Through our posts, we’ll share thoughts, experiences, inspirations, challenges and more with the hope of changing the voice about beauty that we’re hearing in our culture today.


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