say yes

Say yes to jumping off a cliff. Literally. Say yes to telling the ugly beautiful raw truth about your life. Say yes to friendships that are built in an instant. Say yes to scrambling over rocks so that you can scream up into a waterfall, voices swallowed up in the roar of the water. Say yes to middle of the night conversations and jumping in with your clothes on.

And say yes to God’s whisper and yes to hope and yes to possibility. Say yes to a new future.

What I realized is that in the past couple years, I’ve built a life that requires me to say a lot of nos. I work a lot and push pretty hard and between writing and traveling and the kids, there’s not a lot left. Just to stay afloat, I have to say a lot of nos.

And that’s not how I want to live. I think maybe I got a little too efficient, a little too narrow, a little too serious. I created a busy, heavy life, and in order to carry it, I had to say a lot of nos.

But I’m not a no kind of person. That’s what this trip reminded me. That I believe in YES. That at my best, I’m the kind of person who says yes.

Again, there are a thousand pieces of this experience that I’m still unraveling, holding up to the light, scribbling about, unpacking.

But this is what I know: I’m done living a posture of NO.

Let’s say YES.
-Shauna Niequist, originally posted here


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