10 tips for taking a 'me day'

happy friday! sorry i’ve been a little MIA this week; it’s been a crazy few days. i wanted to share a little guest post i did for my lovely friends at lorna jane! as mentioned here, the company’s philosophy is all around move, nourish, believe. my latest post shares tips for how to take a good, old-fashioned ‘me day.’ sharing this post comes at a perfect time: weekends are always a good time to rest and relax and i’ve been so go, go, go lately that i’m really needing some quality down time. here’s ten ideas for what to do on your ‘me day’:

  1. Plan your “me day” and (here’s a big one) don’t feel guilty about it! – Put it in your schedule. You will ALWAYS have things to do and your special “me day” won’t happen until you make it happen in your calendar. It’s your responsibility to make that day and time work to truly spend time alone.
  2. Stay in bed for a few extra minutes. Wake up early but don’t rush out of bed. Take your sweet time, sister. Trust me, it’s glorious.
  3. Stretch. Take time to start your “me day” on the right foot and appreciate every muscle in your body
  4. Get out your journal! Journaling is something I would recommend for every day, but is especially important on your very special “me day.” Write down what you’re worried about and happy about and most importantly, what you’re thankful for.
  5. Do something unexpected! That’s right, just be silly. Here’s a few ideas: finger paint, dance in your pajamas, break into spontaneous cartwheels in the park, sing in the shower, embrace your inner child.
  6. Take a walk. Soak up the beauty and quiet and be on the lookout for the wonderful things that surround you {that red rose bush on the corner, the bright blue sky full of fluffy clouds}
  7. Avoid your to-do list. That list will always be there and so will your day-to-day obligations and responsibilities. Today is not the day to worry about that but instead focus on your body, your mind, yourself.
  8. Pray or meditate. “Me days” are a great day to refocus on your mind on what truly matters and to reflect on your life.
  9. Treat yourself! Maybe it’s getting a pedicure or splurging on that caramel coffee or taking the pure barre class you’ve always wanted to try. Today is your day – the time is now.
  10. End the day with a bubble bath…obviously.

click through the photos at the top {some old, some new instagram photos of mine} shared on the lorna jane blog and read the full, original post here. what’s on your ‘me day’ list? i hope you take one soon! xo

ps i’m going to be guest posting on lorna jane’s uber-inspirational blog every month from now on! stay tuned for more!


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