in real life

i want the in real life me to be more important than the Internet me. I want the offline to be the priority, rather than the online. sometimes i feel like there’s this pressure to maintain a certain image in my Internet life or share certain things. there’s always something, somewhere to be posted and lately, i just can’t keep up. i can admit that a lot of this pressure comes from myself, but all in all, it needs to slow down.

there’s a lot of bloggers and people who use social media regularly that put the best of what they’ve got on the Internet. the people who get the second-rate version of that person is their friends and family. they are the ones who tweet and Instagram about their meals and their day shopping and their manicures with friends, but haven’t actually taken a chance to enjoy the company they had in person. they were too busy sharing that moment with the rest of the world. i’ve caught myself doing it and i don’t want that to be the way i spent my real life.

i want to be fully present in my real life moments and that sometimes means taking a little break on the Foursquare check-ins and Instagram photos and every other network out there. i want to remember the taste of my coffee and hear the skip of my step down the sidewalk. i want to look someone in the eyes and notice their bright smile and chat up a strange on the bus. i want to my in real life to be bubbling with energy, joy, goodness – and not just let those things show in my Internet life. it starts before the Internet sharing even happens though – it means taking a break from snapping photos of every single experience i have, but instead enjoying it and taking a picture in my head rather than on my phone.

when life gets a little crazy and chaotic as it often does, i find it helpful to step away from my Internet world and focus even more on my real life world. when i’m feeling extra stressed and overwhelmed, you can find me reading a book in my bed, sipping coffee and laughing with my roommate in the living room, running through a big park by my house, planning girls night, telling people how much they mean to me. this is exactly what my weekend looked like. of course, i could have shared all of these in real life moments with my Internet life, but i think more often than not, it’s okay to put down the phone and just soak it all in.

the best part of me is not my blog, my Twitter account, my Instagram photos. the best of me is what i offer to my parents, my sisters, my bestest friends and other people in my day-to-day life. the best of me is the joy and love i offer to the world and each and every person i meet. it’s in the full of conversations and deep breaths and silly laughs and hand holding and moments that just aren’t quite the same online. i know i’ve been a little behind on blog posting and haven’t been sharing a lot on social media in general, but it’s because in my real life, there’s a lot going on right now. and that real life will always be the priority and what i’ll work on first. and that’s okay.

this post is honestly for me, but wanted to share with you all here too.
lots of love, andi

ps: if this in real life and social media/technology/Internet life stuff is interesting to you, check out this ny times article!


One response to “in real life

  1. This was a fantastic read, and I 100% agree. Your optimism is such an inspiration!

    PS. I really want to do breakfast at Jane with you!!

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