it's wedding season! {always}

Is it just me or is everything all about weddings lately? I’ve had several friends get engaged recently and it seems like every day I see a new update on Facebook or Instagram about someone else getting married. Unfortunately for me, I can’t go to every single wedding I’m invited to given how far away I live from family and friends but what I can do is send the happy couple a gift.

When I was home in June for Kristen‘s bridal shower, my mom and I went to Target and picked out gifts for her and Dean from their Target Wedding Registry list. Target made it easy to buy the couple a few gifts that could be paired together for their new home. So when Target asked me to participate in a fun wedding gift giving challenge, I happily accepted! They asked me to interpret their wedding theme of “Be Yourself, Together” celebrating how often the couple getting married have different interests and activities. They challenged me to celebrate the uniqueness of each person in the relationship by pairing two different products that, when gifted together, embody the couple and their interests as a whole. I know when we were shopping for Kristen and Dean, we wanted to give gifts that both would enjoy and use together.

Now I understand why it’s important to gift things like bedspreads and kitchen gadgets and towels, I’d rather give the couple something a little bit more fun that encourages them to spend time together! My friends getting married are in their 20s and while bathroom, bedroom and kitchen essentials are important, I’ll leave that gift giving to someone else. I want to gift the couple(s) things that are a little bit more unexpected. I think two unique and totally fun gifts from Target to pair together would be the Schwinn Legacy Cruiser and the Bananagrams game. What does a colorful bike and a Banagrams word game have in common? My thought is that often, one person in a relationship is adventurous and active – always looking to be outside. The other person might prefer to stay at home and do something like read or play games. These two gifts paired together encourage the couple to get out and explore and at the same time, take time to sit down, enjoy each other’s company with a little {friendly!} competition with this silly word game. What an adorable date night idea!

These two gifts would be awesome and out-of-the-box {hellllo….no more pots and pans!} gift for just about any couple! Follow along and discover more wedding gift ideas at #TargetWedding.

Now I want to hear from you – what two gifts do you think would pair well together for a wedding? And are you being bombarded with wedding season lately too? xo

*this is a sponsored post through target‘s influencer network


2 responses to “it's wedding season! {always}

  1. Loving the post, Ander! Agreed, I think bikes & games are a great compromise of interests! I would love to combine a healthy lifestyle gift (blender for juices!) and yoga mats for yoga in the park! :)

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