A perfect morning

I spent this past weekend in Lake Tahoe and couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful, relaxing, joy-filled few days. We squeezed twenty people into a house that fits ten and spent the weekend biking, running, hiking, swimming, boating, grilling out, playing games, hot tubbing and appreciating the gift of community. One of my favorite parts of the trip actually was a quick quiet time away from the group where I sat outside early one morning journaling and drinking coffee. The view was absolutely magnificent – the mountains hit the sky, the houses and mountains were reflecting on the lake and sunlight was beaming over my picnic table in seemingly every direction. I wrote down a few prayers and goals for the week and took time to reflect on the millions of little and big things I have to be thankful for. Here’s just a few…

Flavored coffee
Picnic tables
Group prayer circles
Lazy mornings
Getting along with new people
Jeremiah 29:11
Beams of sunlight
Birds singing in the morning
Time well spent
Pine trees
Goodness and mercy following me
Learning something new
Cracked paint
Hot tubs
Flannel sheets
Resolved conflicts
Feet in wet grass
Wearing glasses
Zero cell phone service
Cloudless skies
Curious chipmunks
Road trip games
Saying “I miss you”
The second cup of coffee in a day
Quiet stillness
Hand holding
Soft pillows
Being underwater
Shimmering reflections on the lake
Feeling giddy
Learning lessons
Grace’s rule over shame
Kerry, Katie, Hope
Volleyball nets
Packages in the mail
Voicemails from grandma
Staying in bed an extra five minutes

This is such an awesome way to spend the morning, even when I’m not staring at a beautiful lake and mountains. Starting my morning peacefully and thankfully sets the tone for the entire day and week and allows me to be aware of more loveliness all around me. I highly recommend you try to start your morning in quiet or sneak a few moments away during your busyness to just sit and remember how jam-packed with joy and goodness life really is. xo!

I’ll share more pretty photos from the weekend soon and you can find previous Tahoe visit posts here and here!


One response to “A perfect morning

  1. Love this! I try to start and end my day with a few minutes of gratitude – sometimes that turns into a rampage, but there are so many moments in a day to be grateful for when you take a second to acknowledge them. A very blessed existence! Sounds like a ton of fun and a few minutes of extra sleep and a second mug of great coffee? Divine! :)

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