Inspiring Women, Part 3

I’ve shared about inspiring women before here and here and couldn’t be more excited to feature the lovely Maddie today! Maddie is someone I met during college and even though she’s two years younger than me, I look up to her for her poise, confidence and genuine goodness she brings to each and every environment she’s in. It’s been so awesome for me to watch her learn and grow into the lovely young woman she is today. I am so thankful that she was willing to share a few words today on my blog and I just know you’ll be equally inspired by her! Don’t forget to catch up on her blog here. xo

1. What story is your life telling you today?
Hmm. Talk about a loaded question! Recently my life has been undergoing some major changes: a new job, a new apartment, a new social calendar, and even some changes close to the heart. And unfortunately I wouldn’t say I’m particularly adept in “going with the flow.” For me, big shifts in my life are often tied to more anxiety and stress rather than excitement and anticipation. But you know what? I think I’m actually starting to embrace the newness of it all. I decided to stop focussing on “how things used to be” and instead take note of all the positives I now have. Yes, I really miss OU and it’s proving to be a real challenge to keep in touch with everyone outside of the college bubble. Sometimes I let myself feel guilty for kinda sucking at that. But on the other hand, I’ve fallen in love with Cleveland and the people I’ve met in last two months. So I guess the challenge, for me, is continuing to see the glass half full EACH AND EVERY DAY. This is really, really hard to do, especially when so many changes are happening at once. But life is all about change. I know this won’t be the last city I live in nor the last job that I have, so I might as well learn to embrace the “now,” now!

What woman inspires you and why?
Can I pick 3? I’m picking 3! First is my sister, Alana. She’s the younger one, (by two years), in the family and I often forget that. She has this silent-but-strong mentality that I admire so dang much. As the only girl (yes, GIRL) on her college football team, I’ve watched her overcome stigmas, naysayers, and jealously from others. But she lets it roll right off her back. Why? Because being the kicker on a football team makes HER happy. She isn’t intimidated by what other people think or say- she just goes out on the field and does her thing. And when your “thing” is kicking 40-yard field goals WHILE looking gorgeous, even in some shoulder pads and a helmet, well, you kinda become awesome by default.

2nd is my mom. We usually don’t go a day without talking. Once, when I was working in NYC for the summer, she freaked out after not hearing from me for over 24 hours (I hadn’t “tweeted” anything during that time, either. So in her mind, the only alternative was for me to be lying in a ditch somewhere in Brooklyn.) Our personalities are very similar; we both tend to over-think things and have been dubbed the “worry warts” of the family. But I honestly question what I’d do without her. Even though she knows how to push my buttons, it’s all worth it for the unyielding support I get in return.

Thirdly? Beyonce. She’s just everything I want to be. (Which yes, includes being BFF w/ Kelly Rowland.)

What are three things you’re thankful for?
The random kindness of strangers, my roommate Nicole, and the current trend of pumpkin-flavored everything.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned that you can share with Polish My Crown readers?
About two years ago I had a pretty scary mental health problem that really changed the way I view myself and those I hold close to me. It wasn’t the type of illness that had me admitted to a hospital. In fact, I bet the majority of people I was around on a day-to-day basis had no idea there was anything even wrong with me. But I felt like I was sinking. Looking back now, I am actually THANKFUL for what the ordeal taught me. I learned how to be patient with myself– rough patches will come into your life and sometimes they will stay longer than you’d like. But eventually they go away. The beauty is in learning how to stay afloat, even in the roughest of waters. And for me, that was accomplished in two ways: forgiving myself for feeling “out of it,” and not being afraid to lean on others. I feel incredibly blessed for my own little support system (whom I like to call “my people”). I bet most people feel the same about THEIR friends and family. The trick is not being afraid to reach out to them when you need to.


3 responses to “Inspiring Women, Part 3

  1. Andi, Maddie –

    First off, love both of you! Second, love your honesty and insight not only into your life but what you’ve been through! Definitely put a smile on my face today. :)



  2. Thanks for making this look so nice, Andi. :) You have ALWAYS been an inspiring woman to me.

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