say yes

Happy Tuesday! I’m excited to re-share my latest guest post on Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe blog! This post is all about embracing YES – to saying yes to each and every situation you face. Hope you enjoy! xo

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PS Today is my first day of a three-day juice cleanse with CAN CAN Cleanse! Stay tuned for more…

Say yes to weekend adventures and say yes to that extra mile and say yes to appreciating the beauty in your everyday life. Say yes to the 5K this weekend and the surfing lessons next month and the bike ride across the country next year. Say yes to jumping into situations head first and say yes to living life to the fullest every single day.

Say yes to change and growth and challenges and lessons learned. Say yes to crazy things that come up that are unexpected and say yes to loving well and deep and wide. Say yes to moments and situations that create resistance and say yes to things that turn out a little different than you planned.

What if you approached every situation as if the answer was already yes?

We often are the ones who block ourselves from making our present moments the best they can be and for pursuing our futures wholeheartedly.  By shifting your mindset – by approaching life as if the answer was ALREADY yes – you are giving yourself permission to find more and more joy.

When I first moved to San Francisco, one of the best pieces of advice I received was to say yes to every opportunity and situation. It’s profoundly changed the way I view life and live out my day-to-day interactions. Life has only opened up and become so much wider, sweeter and better by saying yes more and more.

Today, I want to encourage you say yes – and more than that, to be a YES person. Do not be known by your no’s– you don’t want to be a no person. Believe in the power of YES. The best kind of people say yes to each and every experience – and you are one of them.

say yes


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