Inspiring Women, Part 5

I’m excited to continue the Inspiring Women series today by featuring the amazing Julie Barrio Santiago! Julie is a health and happiness coach that I connected with through Claudine. I’m inspired by and thankful for her optimistic attitude and approach to life and I hope you enjoy her wise words. Check out her website here. xo

what story is your life telling right now, today?
It’s all about happiness…are you willing to DARE to be outrageously happy? Life is much easier than we think it is and I’m finally realizing that life is truly about allowing in the goodness. Most women were raised to believe that things need to be hard (work hard, play hard, push through, go, do, then go do some more). We also picked up on a lot of “shoulds” and “ought tos”. Many powerful, awesome women wake up and realize that they are living someone else’s version of their life. I, too, used to be one of those women. My new story stands for possibility. Endless, unlimited possibilities of truth, connection, community and outrageous happiness.

Are you willing to let go of control just a little bit to allow the magic in? The truth is that we write our own stories but we must let go of the reigns in order to pick up the pen and start writing.

what woman inspires you and why?
Oh there is such a long list. Currently, I am most inspired by Anne Frank. She’s a woman with unbelievable courage, vision and unwavering positivity in the face of unimaginable sadness. She continues to remind me of the power of the thoughts we choose to think. “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” -Anne Frank

what are three things you’re thankful for?
1) I’m thankful I had the opportunity to live and work with children in a poor neighborhood in South America. Seeing the sheer joy of children in the face of dire poverty is something I always carry with me. The memory constantly reminds me of how simple life can be and how blessed we are for the simpliest things like toothbrushes, a warm meal and 4 walls for shelter.
2) I’m thankful for music with awesome drum beats that makes me want to dance like a crazy person.
3) I’m thankful for apples…I don’t know why but I could eat them all the time.

whats one lesson you’ve learned that you can share w readers?
“A lot of disappointed people have been left standing on the street corner waiting for the bus marked “Perfection.” –Donald Kennedy

As a recovering perfectionist, I understand what it feels like to desire everything to be JUST right and totally awesome before we move forward. So we wait and we wait and we wait…and it means we just keep waiting! There is no “just” right or perfect. You’ll always be able to find something you can pick apart, something you don’t like. The challenge is…can you be okay with things as is? Can you move forward anyways? Can you stop waiting for the bus marked “Perfection” and get on the bus marked “Your Future”? The ride might be bumpy, but it will be REAL and completely awesome.


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