Inspiring Women, Part 6

I discovered Natalie‘s insanely awesome blog a few months ago and it’s quickly turned into one of my favorites to read daily. Her site, Thoughts by Natalie, is a go-to source for inspiration, whether related to style, travel, body image and self love and just about everything else. Her #choosebeauty link-up is so encouraging, as Natalie brings together passionate women each week to share their stories about self-esteem, body image and beauty that flows from the inside out. I couldn’t be happier to feature her as a part of my Inspiring Women series and think you’ll love what she has to say. Thanks, Natalie! xo

Follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter too!

1. What story is your life telling you today?
That the important things need to take priority over the urgent things. I wrote about this recently, and it is certainly the theme of my life lately—I left a pretty cool job for the sake of investing more in my marriage, my community, my writing and creative work in general. I’m so quick to focus on urgent tasks, because I love to check things off my list. But when life is all about to-do lists and minor accomplishments, I miss out on the things that really matter—quality time with my husband and dear friends, quiet time to read and fill my soul with inspiration, a trip to the park with my sweet and scruffy dog Maggie, a trail run that fills my day with energy, or an hour of focused writing at my favorite coffee shop. Yes, urgent things still need to get done. But I should make important things my focus and my top priority, or I fear I’ll have a lot of regrets by the end of this life!

2. What woman inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by so many women in my life, but I suppose at the moment I’m feeling inspired by Brené Brown. I’ve been reading her newest book, Daring Greatly, and have probably highlighted every other sentence. She is brilliant, funny, honest, and of course, vulnerable. She is teaching me so much about what it looks like to live an authentic, wholehearted, fulfilled life.

3. What are three things you’re thankful for?
My family, friends who are like family, and the season of fall :)

4. What’s one lesson you’ve learned that you can share with Polish My Crown readers?
Beauty is more than what we look like. I feel like it’s my mission in life to unpack lies we’ve been told about beauty and how that relates to our identity and worth. I personally yearn for beauty in my life, but I often see that play out through self-criticism, feelings of not being good enough or comparison. That being said, more and more I see that my yearning for beauty is God-given, and that I simply have the definition of beauty mixed up in my head. Beauty is about who we are and how we interact with the world around us. It has to do with character qualities, not external appearances. Each year I learn more and more about true and lasting beauty, but for now I know one thing to be true: we need to change the conversation our culture is having about beauty and start living lives that are truly, authentically beautiful ourselves.

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