Thursday Thankful List

Part of being and staying thankful at all times is reminding myself the reasons why it’s important to be thankful, what other people say about thankfulness in their own lives and knowing the shift in my attitudes and actions when I’m focused on appreciation. I discovered this article last night and loved the author’s simple, yet profound words. She reminded me just how possible it is – and important it is – to approach each and every moment from a posture of thankfulness. EACH AND EVERY. Yep, that means the bad hair days and the “I majorly messed up at work” days and the sick and painful days and the “What am I doing with my life?!” days. I’m learning that the more I am thankful for each and every thing in my life, both lovely and not-so-great, the more of those lovely, words-can’t-just-capture-the-goodness moments come by. That reason alone is a reason to always be appreciative.

“I wonder how our lives might look and feel if we took a deep breath and gave thanks each day for all that we

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have? How might our lives be different if we approached each moment of every day, both those which are beautiful and uplifting and those that are disconcerting and make us squirm, with an attitude of thankfulness?”

Here’s just a few things on my list this week. What are you thankful for?

Hearing my neighbor play piano at 10pm
Weekend trips to Seattle
The friendly barista at my new favorite coffee spot
Remembering that life is more than just our jobs
Ice cold water first thing in the morning
Bright yellow leaves on trees
Deep breaths – in and out
Pumpkin pie
This reminder: “your way of living art is one of the million little ways God wants to show himself in the world.”
Productive days
Prioritizing the important over the urgent
Fancy cocktails
Re-discovering a good song
Not-so-awesome days {that eventually lead to good ones!}
Vanilla candles
Integrity {thanks for the reminder Jill!}
Crisp fall mornings
Sleeping during a flight
Catching up with a good friend
That tomorrow is Friday!


2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed the Reverend’s article, too – she’s right, how much better is life (and can it continue to be) when we see and say thanks for all we have right now. I’m thankful I found Polish My Crown! Enjoy your insights and similar mindset – happy Thursday! :)

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