i love my body as it is

I’m all about girl power. I recently learned about Robyn Lawley on the lovely Natalie’s blog and couldn’t be more obsessed with her interview on Ellen. The Australian model talked openly with Ellen about her body, the fashion industry, the pressure in our culture today on body image and the false messages that you to be skinny to be considered beautiful. After this interview, I’m convinced she is the definition of a queen.

After being called words like ‘pig’ and ‘hefty’, she took the higher, queen-like route and admitted she loves her body the way it is. She shares that once she started telling herself that she loved her body, the more she actually did love it and accept it they way it is. Her entire perception changed just from that simple shift in mindset.

What an awesome reminder to love your body as it is.. Definitely check out the full interview! xo

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