Lovely Links

This quote is what I’m reminding myself this week and weekend. It reminds me to not take every single thing so literally and seriously and instead, take life for what it is in each given moment. I often am mapping out ideas of what I want in the future, and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it can take away from the spontaneity in life. I want to be open to whatever comes next.

That being said, I’m taking today off work and having a mini ‘me day’ before a fun trip down to Big Sur. I’m taking a major break from the constant planning and coordinating and scheduling to just – be. 

In the meantime, here’s some of my very favorite gems from the Web this week. There’s a lot of good ones – perfect for some good weekend reading! xo

Zach’s Mount Davidson story – beeeeeautiful photos from one of my favorite sunrise hikes

11 differences between dating a boy vs. a man

The CUTEST little boy diagnosed with cancer who is having his Batman dream come to life in San Francisco

How to wear a scarf

Having major wanderlust…need to book a trip asap!

Coworkers who are bloggers is always a good thing! Love Sarah’s honesty and openness about moving across the country

A Pinterest find! How cute is Kaylee’s blog and especially this post AND this tulle skirt!

Laughed about this for at least ten minutes

Think less, do more…an awesome reminder and article from the always amazing Darling magazine





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