you're not a princess

I recently discovered a pretty awesome ad campaign from Mercy Academy, an all-girls preparatory school in Louisville, Kentucky. The ad campaign tells young girls “You’re Not A Princess,” and encourages them to “prepare for real life.” In an interview with the TODAY show, Mercy principal Amy Elstone shared that, “this message empowers them [young women] to move beyond that whole fairy tale idea and to write their own story in life.” She continues sharing that, “our girls are growing up in a society where they’re told by their parents that they’re a princess, and our message is that they’re not a princess, they’re so much more.”

What I love is that the ads encourage girls to be proactive with their own lives. That they shouldn’t wait someone to save them or for things to magically fall into place. That young girls should expect big things for their lives, and go out and make them happen. That their future is in their own hands.

What do you think of the ad campaign? I’d love to know! xo



One response to “you're not a princess

  1. I LOVE this. There’s nothing wrong with believing in your royal worth, but focusing too much on the fairy tale takes each one of us out of the accountability of our own awesome, unique story. While I have no problem with reading Princess bedtime stories to my young nieces or playing dress up, as they advance into their early pre-teens and can understand more, I hope my own life is a good example to them that there’s a lot more out there than waiting for a prince or happily ever after. Right now is ever after. By prep school age, I think it’s a positive message of empowerment.

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