post-thanksgiving: all of the time thankfulness

I wrote a guest blog post on Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe site last week about Thanksgiving and not just being grateful on the one holiday, but all of the time. I’m excited to re-share the post on my blog with you today, especially as it can be challenging to stay thankful when we’re being thrown back in the swing of things on a Monday after the long weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Read the post here on MNB here. xo!

This [past] week, we celebrate[d] Thanksgiving Day, an American holiday marked by lots of delicious food and time spent with good friends and family. One tradition at my home is to go around the table and ask every family member or friend to share three things they are thankful for. As much as I love sharing what I’m thankful for, it’s even more inspiring to hear what other people have to say.

I think that’s the true power of sharing your thankfulness out loud. While it’s wonderful to constantly think about all of the things you’re thankful for, your unspoken thoughts live in your mind.

Thankfulness is multiplied when we take it out of our thoughts and turn it into action – and that starts with saying it out loud. One thing we are usually good at during Thanksgiving week is to talk about our thankfulness, but then it stops. The gratitude we share on Thanksgiving is often halted and then we go back to the chaotic rush of work, relationships and crossing things off our to-do list. In the middle of our busy lives, we never take a chance to share out loud what we appreciate about life.

What if we approached the Thanksgiving holiday as a time to not only ‘be thankful’ this week, but all of the time? What if we viewed the Thanksgiving holiday as a launching pad into an “always on” thankful attitude? What if all of the talking about our gratitude on Thanksgiving pushed us to talk about our blessings in our day-to-day (non-holiday) conversations?

Somedays it’s a lot harder to be thankful for our circumstances. Just like some holiday seasons feel a little bruised and hard to get through, some of our normal, non-celebratory days will feel the same. Life isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s hard to muster even one thing to be thankful for. But saying it out loud and sharing that one thankful thing to just one person – can make all of the difference.

When we share the goodness in our day-to-day lives and talk about what we appreciate, we allow other people to open their eyes to the goodness in their own life. Today, I hope the holiday season is just a kickstart to a life of ‘all the time’ thankfulness and gratitude for the many gifts we’ve been given.

Here’s just a few things I’m thankful for to get you started on your journey to appreciating the good every day, not just on the holidays.

Cuddly puppies, champagne toasts, stretching after a good workout, holding hands, pink and orange sunsets, laughing at the top of my lungs, peppermint tea, reading the newspaper, playing a favorite song on repeat, calling my grandparents on the phone, the color of pomegranate seeds, skipping downhill, freshly squeezed juice for breakfast, bad days that turn into good days, freshly cleaned sheets, encouraging friends.


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