adventures and spontaneity

“adventure is allowing the unexpected happen to you.”  – richard aldington

i’m still replaying the long weekend over and over in my head. the obvious highlight was an epic friendsgiving feast at our apartment. it was the perfect day: a crisp morning walk, homemade breakfast, cooking all morning, , hilarious games, multiple thankful circles, 20+ people jammed into our tiny spot, lots of red wine, and of course, tons of amazing food. i’m STILL daydreaming about my friend savannah’s sweet potato casserole.

what i also loved about the weekend was how spontaneous the whole four days felt. every day had loose plans that sometimes worked out and sometimes completely shifted into something else, always better. on friday, we were planning to trek to the beach and made an impromptu stop on the way at one of my favorite parks in the city for a sunny walk. on the way home, we caught the sunset at twin peaks {photo above} – one spot in san francisco that i don’t visit enough! on saturday, i had breakfast plans but no afternoon plans. on a whim, we took a trip to sonoma to go wine tasting and it was the definition of a perfect afternoon.

i could have spent friday and saturday catching up on my blog writing, cleaning my room, organizing my closet, working out or responding to a few work emails but glad i chose otherwise. i love the quote above for that reason: adventures come when we take a step back from the routine, the day-to-day and make some extra special room for the unexpected.

i know i’m trying to do lots more adventuring – and embracing spontaneity – this week and all the time. hope you do the same! xo




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