characteristics of genuine friends

my good friend gracie posted about friendship and the ‘cool crowd’ and one part of it jumped out at me. she shared eight characteristics of healthy and genuine circle of friends that was too good not to share. i’m thankful to be surrounded by friends who love, support, challenge and encourage me right now, but have had to go through some rough friend patches to get where i am now. i’ve had to transition close friends who weren’t treating me the right away to acquaintances, and i’m fortunate some acquaintances have turned into the best of friends over time. what characteristics do you look for in a genuine friend?

  1. You’re accepted because of who you are – not your job, clothes, looks, or social status
  2. You can remain uniquely you, and don’t feel the need to conform to the group
  3. The relationships are based on love, not on being mutually beneficial or appearing a certain way to others
  4. What makes you different is what is celebrated and encouraged
  5. The group is welcoming and inclusive of others
  6. There’s no fear of condemnation. None. Nada.
  7. There is, however, healthy challenge and accountability involved
  8. There is fruit being produced not only within the group, but that reaches others outside the group (I’m talking peace, love, joy, etc.)

read gracie’s full post here.

happy monday!



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