Thursday Thankful List

today i’m thankful for…

7am pilates classes!
catch up sushi dinner with savannah
warm socks
the sound of wrapping paper being cut and taped
knowing that my actions have the power to cause other people joy
holiday cards in the mail
after work phone calls with pal
laughing hysterically for no good reason
matt and kim on repeat
the reminder that “thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.”
staying in bed for an extra 30 minutes
swimming {especially backstroke!}
early morning workouts with aim {hello gym accountability buddy!}
bundling up in beanies and puffy coats and tights and boots
that condoleezza rice randomly walked into my gym yesterday – so weird/crazy/cool!
holiday surprises
a flight home in t-minus one week!
throwback n’sync christmas music
genuinely loving, supportive and encouraging friends
lazy sunday reading at a new {to me} cafe in the mission
eggs benedict
that life is more than just work
the smell of the christmas tree in my living room!
the way my lips feel right after i put on chapstick
the smell of warm bread coming out of the oven
that perfect day-turning-to-night moment
when other people share what they’re thankful for – here’s an old blog post sharing what polish my crown readers were thankful for! love hearing this stuff.


One response to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. Love this list, B! And of course, early morning workouts are DA best.

    May do one tomorrow. ALSO, Condi Rice. <3

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