Thursday Thankful List

There are always reasons to be ungrateful or unhappy. It’s actually sometimes easier to calculate those moments: a delayed flight, a lost UPS package, a rip in my favorite boots, not getting enough sleep, people at a coffee shop talking too loudly when you’re. just. trying. to. focus. Yes, that was me just now recalling things I’m not-s0-thankful for. Once the negative, ungrateful, “this is why today ISN’T great” memories flash in your head, it’s often hard to make them stop.

But right now, in this moment, I’m choosing to instead refocus and shift my thoughts to the good, to the things that make me feel warm and grateful and full of love. Right now, that moment is just thinking about reuniting with my three favorite girls and soaking up the holiday season. I’m thankful for what’s to come: the bursts of laughter, the cuddling on the couch with my pups, the morning coffee with the fam, the smell of our Christmas tree, the time spent with sisters who are growing up so quickly, the simplicity of being at home.

And right now – that is outweighing any petty, insignificant things that might otherwise block my appreciation for the day. Enjoy your day! xo



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