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how to love yourself

a really good weekend {and all of the time} reminder. how do you show yourself love?


On-the-go healthy snacks: January Bestowed Box

I am always excited when I see the bright orange Bestowed box in my mailbox each month. It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover new healthy snacks, most of them being gluten-free and vegan. This particular box arrived on a day when we were STARVING so we opened it and immediately snacked on the bean and rice chips and the Cooggies cookies. Needless to say, this box was a hit.

In this month’s box:
Oatworks Smoothie – YUM. No other words.
Beanfield’s Bean and Rice Chips – vegan and gluten-free. perfect with hummus or salsa!
Cooggies Oatmeal Raisin/Double Chocolate Cookies – veggie-vased cookies {carrot, cauliflowe, broccoli}. we polished the bag of these VERY quickly. yum!
Dark Chocolate Peanut Balance Bar – only 180 calories, but boasts 13 grams of protein, which is something I’m always looking for since I don’t eat meat!
EBOOST Natural Energy Booster – way better for you than chugging coffee OR a 5 Hour Energy {obviously} packed with vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium.
Rainbow Light Counter Attack – pure, natural supplement that eases sinus trouble and is designed for when you first start to feel seasonal discomfort. Definitely will be keeping this in my travel bag, as I always seem to feel sick when I travel for extended periods of time!

I’m already excited to try more snacks in February and to receive my next Bestowed box! Get your first Bestowed box for only TEN DOLLARS using the code HELLOYUM77. Order here! Seriously, if you add up the cost of 6-10 healthy snacks from the grocery store, it’s at least double the cost. Plus, I like learning more about new products and using Bestowed to help influence future purchases.

Looking for more healthy snack ideas? Check out my previous Bestowed blog posts {1, 2, 3, 4} for inspiration. You’ll definitely want to pick up some of these items next time you go grocery shopping!


homemade juice + granola

YOU GUYS! i had last monday off for mlk day and used it as a perfect ‘catch up on life’ day. that included doing some stereotypical san francisco things like making homemade juice AND granola. i juice pretty frequently and on monday, i made two different types of juice. my roommate has been on a homemade granola kick that’s insanely addicting so i decided to try it out myself. what i love about the granola is that it seriously tasted better than anything i’ve bought in the store, plus has WAY less sugar. one reason i love juicing so much is because i can drink healthy without spending $8/juice. buying veggies and fruits from the farmer’s market makes it super easy.

in case you’re looking for some healthy and tasty drinks and eats, here’s a few quick and easy recipes!

green juice:
-1 bunch kale
-1 bunch swiss chard
-4 stalks celery
-1 apple
-directions: wash, throw everything into juicer slowly, enjoy.

orange juice:
-1 orange
-5 carrots
-4 stalks celery
-directions: peel orange, throw everything into juicer slowly, enjoy.

granola: inspired by this recipe on a beautiful mess {doubled}
-4 cups oats (old fashioned, not quick cooking)
-2 cups pumpkin seeds
-1 cup chopped walnuts
-1/2 cup dried blueberries and cherries
-2/3 cup olive oil
-2 teaspoon salt
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
-1/2 teaspoon ginger
-2/3 cup honey
-1 teaspoon vanilla extract
-directions: in a bowl combine the oats and nuts/seeds. pour in oil and honey and stir to combine. add in all seasoning and vanilla and mix well. spread out on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper and bake at 350 F for 30 minutes, stirring every 10ish minutes. add in dried fruit during the last 10 minutes of baking. i wanted my granola to have some bigger chunks in it rather than small individual pieces, so i tried to not mix/stir TOO much during the baking process.


happy birthday pal!

happiest 17th birthday to my baby sis, hope! i vividly remember the day hope was born. i was in second grade and all three of us girls went to the hospital with my parents. later that day, i went to school and remember being SO proud and excited to tell my class i had a brand new baby sister. fast forward 17 years and i still couldn’t be more proud to have this determined, funny, smart and loving lady as my own sister. pal, i am so thankful for you and the joy you bring into our lives each and every day. love you!

more posts about Hope here and here, plus this awesome one she wrote!


4 Signs of a Woman Worth Following

Savannah emailed me this awesome article by author Dale Patridge about women and leadership and qualities that make a woman worth following. I was obsessed. Enjoy!

For me, I admire a woman who is living a life with purpose, diligence, forgiveness, and hospitality. A woman who desires to nurture, love, care, and to improve the lives of those she touches. Furthermore, a woman worth following is a woman of greatness. Below I have outlined 4 signs of an incredible female leader.

  1. She Wisely Wears Her Rubies: By this I mean her immense wisdom. Wisdom being worth far more than rubies. I love how Proverbs describes a woman of wisdom as: “A rich desire for knowledge and a love for humanity”. Wisdom has a voice and it’s feminine! A woman worth following doesn’t stand in silence. She listens to the voice of courage and change and it guides her in making choices that display discretion, patience, and understanding.
  2. She Lives Beyond Herself: She’s filled with compassion for the least, the last, and the lost. You know, those who few like, no one sees, no one hears. A woman worth following always thinks beyond herself. She’s not a narcissist taking constant “selfies” (pictures of oneself). No, a woman worth following is mindful of those who are suffering in the world around her. Empathy fills her and causes her to act. She spreads joy, love, and laughter wherever she goes. Ultimately, people feel safe to be seen by her.
  3. She’s Got Guts: She’s not opposed to risk. In fact, I would say that most women worth following are willing to take risks. I’m not talking about risks of immaturity, like driving home drunk. I’m talking about wise risk like self-publishing that manuscript you’ve worked on for 5 years, or taking that trip to Central Africa in order to encounter another culture that’s always fascinated you. A woman worth following has got the guts to risk. And not only that, she’s counted the cost. Calculated the leap. Whether it’s an investment of her time, money, energy, or relationships, she’s willing to pay the price, take the jump, and go for the glory.
  4. She Is an Original Voice, Not an Echo: She doesn’t mimic others, she creates. She’s an original. She’s got something unique, different, and distinct about her. She marches to the beat of her own drum. To do this takes courage. Boldness. It’s not easy to put yourself “out there”, to present your voice, your ideas, your life itself for others to critique and examine. But a woman worth following does all of those things, time and time again, because she knows there’s a unique contribution that only she can make to the world.

Original article here
Image here


the moments within your years

early yesterday morning, i recalled and talked about one of my all-time favorite quotes. it’s not one of those favorite quotes that i repeat in my head daily or write on the inside of cards, but it’s one that always sticks out. it’s from the author simon van booy and it goes like this: “actually, years mean nothing. it’s what’s inside them.” i was telling eric about how much i love the quote and how it’s a reminder that our day-to-day moments and experiences are more important than these actual dates and milestones. i told him that the quote always reminds me of my grandpa, who does the perfect job of living out of the inside of those years.

he’s one who at over the age of 75, crawls on the floor with his great-grandchildren to play. he’s one who would do absolutely anything for anybody and truly would live out that age-old phrase of ‘taking the shirt off his back’ for someone else. he’s one who after a 9-hour trek around washington dc while i was interning, was ready to do another 8pm trek when i was off work. he’s one who participates, who asks questions, who wouldn’t miss any event or activity one of us grandkids was interested or playing in. he’s one who finishes every phone call or text conversation telling me ‘we love you. we’re praying for you.’ he’s one who spends hours upon hours reading the bible and sitting in his big old chair reading. he’s one who gives me the biggest hug when he sees me and gives me another one five minutes later ‘just because.’ he’s one who is up for late night coffee and always late night ice cream. he’s one who cherishes a $5 san francisco coffee mug and uses it every day – because ‘it reminds him of me.’ he’s one who still reaches over to hold the hand of the girl he fell in love with 55 years ago. he’s the epitome of someone who isn’t defined by numbers and years but instead, lives out of the moments within them.

yesterday night, my little sis called me and told me grandpa was in a car accident. it’s super icy up in michigan and he rear-ended a car on his way to wednesday night church. thankfully, he is at home with a few cuts and bruises on his knees, hands and face and feeling sore. THANKFULLY. it could have been much worse. i’m not sure why i’m even rambling on about the story here on my blog, but the whole thing just got me thinking. the day pretty much started and ended with stories about, or related to my grandpa.

today, i’m feeling fortunate to have a real-life example of why it’s important to spend time investing in the teeny moments and regular people inside of your years. in some weird way, he’s a reminder that i should stop thinking about everything in numbers (i’m 25! i graduated college THREE years ago! omg!) and instead, start focusing on the lovely, difficult, wonderful and beautiful things inside of those years. i hope you start to do the same. xo


inspiring women, part 10

can i just say AGAIN how awesome it is to be surrounded by {whether in real life or in the blogging world} by inspiring, loving women living their lives in the best way they can? sometimes i look around at my friends or read a beautiful piece online and just think – wow. it’s like a double bonus when i read someone’s words online and then get to experience it all in action in person. savannah is one of those friends who lets me do just that. she’s full of energy and joy and always on the lookout for inspiration, which is something i really admire in people. she also recently launched her insanely cool blog grace-made so definitely check it out! one of my favorite posts she shared was about how she was marking 2014 with courageousness and bravery. i’m thrilled to share a few words from her today on my blog for my inspiring women series.

thanks sav! xo

what story is your life telling right now, today?
Change is becoming a constant theme. I think I’m just more receptive to it, lately. Things seem to be evolving rapidly, I’m more willing than ever to step away from my comfort zone, and I’m chasing my passions with an energy that I’ve never experienced before. On the cusp of 24 years, I’m finally realizing what’s most important. I think the key to this story is a renewed hunger for growth. I’m now looking for ways to improve even the small things in each day. My most recent little improvement — cycling to work. I never want to ride MUNI again!

what woman inspires you and why?
Right now, I’m extremely inspired by Brené Brown. I think I’m a little late for the boat on this one, but I just watched her TED Talk, “The power of vulnerability,” last week. The 20-minute clip is easily one of the most inspiring and empowering talks I’ve ever heard. Her ideas on courage, vulnerability, and authenticity absolutely blow my mind. During my reflections before the new year, I became obsessed with thoughts of courage and bravery. This TED Talk was exactly what I needed to hear! During her talk, Brené discusses the root of courage. Basically, the original definition of courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. She found that the people who are living their lives wholeheartedly (+ to the fullest) are the ones with the courage to be imperfect – the ones who embrace vulnerability. If you haven’t listened yet – do it now!

what are three things you’re thankful for?
my family & friends – it doesn’t matter what life throws at me, they’re always there and they always love me.
podcasts – unlimited inspiring listening during my day!
my brand new bicycle – my legs are alive!

what’s one lesson you’ve learned that you can share with polish my crown readers?
I just finished reading an incredible book called Creative Confidence! It’s one of the best “design books” I’ve ever read. I collected so many valuable little bits of knowledge and lessons on cultivating creativity. Basically, the Kelley brothers (founders of IDEO) argue that everyone is innately creative. It’s a choice – and we’re all born with the ability! I’m an artistic person, but everyone can benefit from this book. It’s given me a renewed perspective on design and I now recommend it to people all of the time!