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One of my favorite blogs, Gala Darling, posted this awesome article that just stuck with me. She talks about blogging – why we do it, why it’s okay to have ‘off days’, why it’s important to do it for fun. I was having one of those why do I blog in the first place? questions running through my head and her blog post was a breath of fresh air. Here’s a few of my favorite bits and pieces from her post below. Looking forward to digging deeper with my blog, switching a few things around and sharing my pieces of life with you more this year! xo

“Over the last seven years, I’ve been struck down with writer’s block several times. Sometimes I can go a couple of weeks feeling utterly uninspired. The only common thread between those moments is that they seem to happen when it feels like all the fun has been sucked out of blogging.

When I get overly scheduled, start to feel obligated with sponsored posts, or am looking at other people’s blogs too often, that siphons the joy out of blogging for me. Often, the best way to bust through the blocks is to do what feels most fun or silly in the moment, as opposed to following your editorial calendar, doing what is expected, or sticking to your routine.

Think back to when you first started blogging. I bet that if you dig back in your archives, despite the many cringe-worthy moments, you will see flashes of genius and glimmers of brilliant creativity. It’s when you’re first starting that you’re thinking with no limits, because anything is possible.

We all get lazy at some point. It’s natural, it’s normal. We start to take shortcuts. We stop innovating. We think, ‘Well, I’ve been posting my outfits for years… I guess I should keep it up.’ But the truth is that if you’re bored by it, your readers are too.

Even if you’re not bored to tears, you should keep switching it up. Continue to challenge yourself! Keep pushing! Never be in “maintenance mode”. Always continue to strive, do better, go bigger.

A blog isn’t just a blog: it is a chronicle of your life, and just like your soul, it is constantly evolving. If blogging is getting boring and it’s starting to feel uncomfortable or constricting, maybe the subject matter doesn’t fit you anymore… And that is perfectly okay. Think of your blogging the way you think of your art, your cooking, your parenting, or your style. These things are always changing, improving on themselves, getting incrementally better. Your blog should do the same.”

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3 responses to “for the bloggers

  1. Love this! So true, it can be hard to stay motivated and inspired, but getting through those patches is worth the end result!

  2. Such good advice, I love this so much!!! I’m so happy I know fellow bloggers to constantly inspire and create!

  3. Definitely agree with this sentiment! I go through phases where I’m super motivated to blog and then phases where I’m just not. I normally find taking a break of a few weeks has me coming back with lots of thoughts to write about and projects I want to do!

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