inspiring women, part 10

can i just say AGAIN how awesome it is to be surrounded by {whether in real life or in the blogging world} by inspiring, loving women living their lives in the best way they can? sometimes i look around at my friends or read a beautiful piece online and just think – wow. it’s like a double bonus when i read someone’s words online and then get to experience it all in action in person. savannah is one of those friends who lets me do just that. she’s full of energy and joy and always on the lookout for inspiration, which is something i really admire in people. she also recently launched her insanely cool blog grace-made so definitely check it out! one of my favorite posts she shared was about how she was marking 2014 with courageousness and bravery. i’m thrilled to share a few words from her today on my blog for my inspiring women series.

thanks sav! xo

what story is your life telling right now, today?
Change is becoming a constant theme. I think I’m just more receptive to it, lately. Things seem to be evolving rapidly, I’m more willing than ever to step away from my comfort zone, and I’m chasing my passions with an energy that I’ve never experienced before. On the cusp of 24 years, I’m finally realizing what’s most important. I think the key to this story is a renewed hunger for growth. I’m now looking for ways to improve even the small things in each day. My most recent little improvement — cycling to work. I never want to ride MUNI again!

what woman inspires you and why?
Right now, I’m extremely inspired by Brené Brown. I think I’m a little late for the boat on this one, but I just watched her TED Talk, “The power of vulnerability,” last week. The 20-minute clip is easily one of the most inspiring and empowering talks I’ve ever heard. Her ideas on courage, vulnerability, and authenticity absolutely blow my mind. During my reflections before the new year, I became obsessed with thoughts of courage and bravery. This TED Talk was exactly what I needed to hear! During her talk, Brené discusses the root of courage. Basically, the original definition of courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. She found that the people who are living their lives wholeheartedly (+ to the fullest) are the ones with the courage to be imperfect – the ones who embrace vulnerability. If you haven’t listened yet – do it now!

what are three things you’re thankful for?
my family & friends – it doesn’t matter what life throws at me, they’re always there and they always love me.
podcasts – unlimited inspiring listening during my day!
my brand new bicycle – my legs are alive!

what’s one lesson you’ve learned that you can share with polish my crown readers?
I just finished reading an incredible book called Creative Confidence! It’s one of the best “design books” I’ve ever read. I collected so many valuable little bits of knowledge and lessons on cultivating creativity. Basically, the Kelley brothers (founders of IDEO) argue that everyone is innately creative. It’s a choice – and we’re all born with the ability! I’m an artistic person, but everyone can benefit from this book. It’s given me a renewed perspective on design and I now recommend it to people all of the time!


One response to “inspiring women, part 10

  1. Definitely checking out grace-made, and writing down Creative Confidence to check it out. I’ve heard about it before, but I’m actually writing it down this time. :]

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