the moments within your years

early yesterday morning, i recalled and talked about one of my all-time favorite quotes. it’s not one of those favorite quotes that i repeat in my head daily or write on the inside of cards, but it’s one that always sticks out. it’s from the author simon van booy and it goes like this: “actually, years mean nothing. it’s what’s inside them.” i was telling eric about how much i love the quote and how it’s a reminder that our day-to-day moments and experiences are more important than these actual dates and milestones. i told him that the quote always reminds me of my grandpa, who does the perfect job of living out of the inside of those years.

he’s one who at over the age of 75, crawls on the floor with his great-grandchildren to play. he’s one who would do absolutely anything for anybody and truly would live out that age-old phrase of ‘taking the shirt off his back’ for someone else. he’s one who after a 9-hour trek around washington dc while i was interning, was ready to do another 8pm trek when i was off work. he’s one who participates, who asks questions, who wouldn’t miss any event or activity one of us grandkids was interested or playing in. he’s one who finishes every phone call or text conversation telling me ‘we love you. we’re praying for you.’ he’s one who spends hours upon hours reading the bible and sitting in his big old chair reading. he’s one who gives me the biggest hug when he sees me and gives me another one five minutes later ‘just because.’ he’s one who is up for late night coffee and always late night ice cream. he’s one who cherishes a $5 san francisco coffee mug and uses it every day – because ‘it reminds him of me.’ he’s one who still reaches over to hold the hand of the girl he fell in love with 55 years ago. he’s the epitome of someone who isn’t defined by numbers and years but instead, lives out of the moments within them.

yesterday night, my little sis called me and told me grandpa was in a car accident. it’s super icy up in michigan and he rear-ended a car on his way to wednesday night church. thankfully, he is at home with a few cuts and bruises on his knees, hands and face and feeling sore. THANKFULLY. it could have been much worse. i’m not sure why i’m even rambling on about the story here on my blog, but the whole thing just got me thinking. the day pretty much started and ended with stories about, or related to my grandpa.

today, i’m feeling fortunate to have a real-life example of why it’s important to spend time investing in the teeny moments and regular people inside of your years. in some weird way, he’s a reminder that i should stop thinking about everything in numbers (i’m 25! i graduated college THREE years ago! omg!) and instead, start focusing on the lovely, difficult, wonderful and beautiful things inside of those years. i hope you start to do the same. xo

8 responses to “the moments within your years

  1. i love this post & reading about your grandpa; thank God that he’s just a little sore and cut up! i really, really love that quote too – i think it’s something i could certainly do better of myself. xoxo

    • Melissa! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so thankful that he’s okay – cuts and bruises and sprains are nothing compared to what COULD have happened. Glad you enjoy the quote – it’s a great one! xo

  2. Beautifully written.

  3. so sweet. glad your gpa is okay.

  4. Glad your Grandpa is okay and safe! Love today’s post, Ander. xoxo

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