On-the-go healthy snacks: January Bestowed Box

I am always excited when I see the bright orange Bestowed box in my mailbox each month. It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover new healthy snacks, most of them being gluten-free and vegan. This particular box arrived on a day when we were STARVING so we opened it and immediately snacked on the bean and rice chips and the Cooggies cookies. Needless to say, this box was a hit.

In this month’s box:
Oatworks Smoothie – YUM. No other words.
Beanfield’s Bean and Rice Chips – vegan and gluten-free. perfect with hummus or salsa!
Cooggies Oatmeal Raisin/Double Chocolate Cookies – veggie-vased cookies {carrot, cauliflowe, broccoli}. we polished the bag of these VERY quickly. yum!
Dark Chocolate Peanut Balance Bar – only 180 calories, but boasts 13 grams of protein, which is something I’m always looking for since I don’t eat meat!
EBOOST Natural Energy Booster – way better for you than chugging coffee OR a 5 Hour Energy {obviously} packed with vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium.
Rainbow Light Counter Attack – pure, natural supplement that eases sinus trouble and is designed for when you first start to feel seasonal discomfort. Definitely will be keeping this in my travel bag, as I always seem to feel sick when I travel for extended periods of time!

I’m already excited to try more snacks in February and to receive my next Bestowed box! Get your first Bestowed box for only TEN DOLLARS using the code HELLOYUM77. Order here! Seriously, if you add up the cost of 6-10 healthy snacks from the grocery store, it’s at least double the cost. Plus, I like learning more about new products and using Bestowed to help influence future purchases.

Looking for more healthy snack ideas? Check out my previous Bestowed blog posts {1, 2, 3, 4} for inspiration. You’ll definitely want to pick up some of these items next time you go grocery shopping!


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