sunday reading

hi guys! hope you had a great weekend! i often get asked books what books i’m reading or recommend and wanted to start sharing more frequently here. i often am reading 4-5 books at a time and try to squeeze in a little reading every night but of course, that doesn’t always work out. one night i almost always read on is sundays, where the evening is typically slow and lazy as i get ready for a new week and can curl into bed with my journal and the book i’m reading. here’s two books i jumped into this past sunday night.

she by kobi yamado – my sister hope got me this book for christmas and wrote a sweet note inside for me. books are seriously my favorite gifts to receive! the inspirational book only take a few minutes to read but a really sweet reminder to celebrate the female spirit. each page shares an inspirational thought about a woman and a reason to celebrate her like this: “she was an artist and her life was her canvas – celebrate her brilliance. she ran ahead where there were no paths – celebrate her bravery.” i felt rejuvenated after re-reading it again last night.

never have i ever: my life (so far) without a date by katie heaney – this is a hilarious, relatable and fun book about katie’s life and her lack of boyfriends or even second dates! girl, i feel you. she shares about agonizing texts and boys who don’t call back and other awkward boy/girl moments. i’ve caught myself laughing out loud several times and at other times completely been like ‘OH! I know what that’s like!” and i’m only a few chapters in. this is definitely a book all twentysomething girls will enjoy and relate to – also a reminder to not take everything SO seriously and to enjoy the single stages of life.

what are you reading? xo!


3 responses to “sunday reading

  1. I’ve been wanting to read “Never Have I Ever” for a while now! I feel like this would be a great book for girlfriends to read, get together, and talk about it over wine! :)

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