launch i love: #aeriereal

A few weeks ago, I kicked off a new Launch I Love series, where I share a few of my favorite sites or campaigns that are just too good not to share. When I first saw aerie’s aerie REAL campaign, I was actually surprised – but in a very good way. aerie REAL is the brand’s Spring 2014 ad campaign featuring all unairbrushed models. In a release on Friday, aerie announced that the ads are “challenging supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models in their latest collection of bras, undies and apparel.”

I think this is a bold move for the brand, who’s primary customer is 15-21 years old and think it’s awesome they are taking a stand against the unrealistic portrayals of women in advertising. aerie has always focused on healthy and happy living, even with their advertisements, so I’m glad they took it one step further to ban edited and airbrushed photos of their models. I also like that they aren’t just celebrating hips and breasts and curves and instead, celebrating ALL types of women – whether hourglass or thin or tall or short. PS, how awesome does that girl in the pic below look?

I think what the whole #aerieREAL concept means to me if that I d0n’t need to measure myself against unrealistic expectations of the way I should look. The way my body looks now – with all of its imperfections – is perfect the way it is. Repeat it again, Andi. It’s hard to believe it, but I’ve been trying harder to remember how important to accept and love the actual body I’ve been given.

Also – check out their True Love Collection and Sweet and Sexy Collection. Can I please have everything? What do you think of the #aeriereal campaign?

Previous posts about Aerie here {healthy living tips} and here {coachella-inspired workout tips}.

Aerie Real


One response to “launch i love: #aeriereal

  1. I really like aerie, and this makes me like them even more. I feel a little old to be buying the clothes reading that their primary customer ages are 15-21, but…oh well! :]

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