Thursday Thankful List

today i’m thankful for big and small and want to share just a few with you.

what are you thankful for today?

big things:
two parents who love me unconditionally and passionately
the gift of being a big sister
a close relationship with extended family
new seasons of life
a college education
an uncontainable god
friends turned into family
finding out kristen will be in ohio {from australia!} the same weekend i’ll be there
living in san francisco
second chances, new mercies daily
being loved and accepted
memories – even sad ones – it reminds me that significant events have happened in my life
the ability to move, shake, sing, dance!

surprise flowers at work
gummy bears
sushi dates
quiet morning moments alone
songs on repeat
my nalgene water bottle
hand holding
fog rolling over the city
the way that certain things just work out
life chats with mom
when my phone battery lasts longer than expected
the first day after a series of rainy days
handwritten notes
grilled cheese and tomato soup
one day closer to friday!
discovering something you forgot about in my closet


One response to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. My Thankful Thursday list for today: having a full plate–so many things to do, but all opportunities that I am grateful for, my niece, and sunshine on a wintery day!

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