For Valentine's Day: What Love is Not

Hi queens! I shared this blog post nine months ago, but thought it was appropriate to share again today. As a day revolved around love, I want to remind you what love is not. I think it’s very easy to get sidetracked in the mushy, gushy, happy moments and brush off the not-so-happy moments. As you think about how you love others and how you receive love from others and yourself, please take a read at the below reminders on what love absolutely, positively isn’t.

If I could sum up what love IS in four words, it would be this: Love believes in you.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope today (and every day) is love-filled, coming from others around you and yourself. xo

I’m currently reading Augusten Burroughs new self-help book This is How and have bookmarked several favorite parts. The author’s humor is dark and witty and certainly not like any of the other books of its kind. The particular piece I’m sharing is from a chapter titled “How to Identify Love by Knowing What It’s Not” and discusses the importance of being aware of your relationships and identifying them as toxic or life-giving. The list starts the chapter sharing simple but insightful reminders on what love is absolutely, positively not.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did! xx

Love doesn’t use a fist.
Love never calls you fat or lazy or ugly.
Love doesn’t laugh at you in front of friends.
It is not in Love’s interest for your self-esteem to be low.
Love is a helium-based emotion; Love always takes the high road.
Love does not make you beg.
Love does not make you deposit your paycheck into a bank account.
Love certainly never, never, never brings the children into it.
Love does not ask or even want you to change. But if you change, Love is as excited about this change as you are, if not more so. And if you go back to the way you were before you changed, Love will go back with you.
Love does not maintain a list of your flaws and weaknesses.
Love believes in you.


One response to “For Valentine's Day: What Love is Not

  1. I’ve had that book on my mental to-read list, but after reading this I’m reminded to actually go out and get it!

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