launch i love: orange harp

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with two smart and inspiring female entrepreneurs, Anbu Anbalagapandian and Kacie Gonzalez. These women founded Orange Harp, a mobile app that is a curated marketplace of handpicked, socially conscious brands. The brands are not only reducing their carbon footprint, but are shattering the misconception that conscious products are boring or unstylish. The app is beautiful and easy to use and is updated on a weekly basis with new partners and products. One of my favorite {dream!} items is this insanely beautiful, handmade labradorite druzy wing necklace {pictured above} from Love and Piece Jewelry. I also discovered the L.A.-based designer Jessica Faulkner and love her mindful products, especially the Sabrina tank!

The coolest thing {in my opinion} is that not only can you buy products right from the app, but you can learn about the different brands and their founders. Each business in Orange Harp is featured in a story, so you learn more about the individuals who created the product itself.

I’m constantly deleting apps from my phone, but Orange Harp is one that I think you won’t regret downloading and keeping on your phone. I know I’ve been checking it every few days to keep discovering socially good products and purchase {soon!}. If you want an account, email with subject POLISH MY CROWN and they will give you instant access to the app. XO!


orange harp


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