immunity boosting march bestowed box

as always, i was excited to receive my bright orange box of bestowed goodness this month! it’s a fun surprise to see what healthy snacks and products are packed into the box and to discover new-to-me brands. bestowed also recently launched their marketplace, where you can shop previous boxes or just purchase individual products.

the march box was filled with products that help beat the cold and boost your immunity system. here’s what was inside:

Coromega Omega3 Squeeze Orange 7 Day Pack: omega-3 supplement with no fishy aftertaste! read: actually taste yummy! omega-3 is good for just about every part of your body, from your joints to skin to brain to heart.

HelloFresh Gift Card: this company delivers pre-measured, farm-fresh ingredients and recipe cards to your door. stay tuned for a review blog post!

Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter Squeeze Pack: justin’s is my go-to for actually good-for-you peanut and almond butters. perfect with pretzels and apples!

Nothin’ But Lemon Ginger Cashew Snack Bar: i’m always on the hunt for awesome granola bars. this one beats my expectations and is packed with sunflower seeds, cashews and cranberries with 4 grams of protein.

Reed’s Ginger Chews: gluten-free and made with real ginger root, these are the perfect snack to keep in your drawer at work for a sweet treat.

Stash Tea Organic Lemon Ginger Tea: i looooove drinking tea {morning, afternoon, before bed} and this green tea is super tasty and packed with antioxidants.

Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal: convenient, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and organic meal in a cup. all you have to do is add COLD water, plus it comes with a spoon so this is truly a perfect to-go meal. it comes in four varieties: goji cacao, coconut maple vanilla, expresso macs mulberry and macs double chocolate. yum!

i can’t wait to see what’s in the april bestowed box! order your own box for $19/month here and read previous bestowed box reviews here. xo!

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