advice for bad days

not every day is going to be amazing. as an optimistic, look-on-the-bright-side kind of girl, it’s hard for me to accept this. some days won’t be exciting, they will be boring. even worse, some days will just be flat out disappointing.

rather than fake happiness or pretend everything is okay, please just be honest enough with yourself to admit you’re having a bad day. it’s important to be positive, but it’s so so so important to remember that being honest and realistic is not the same as being negative. life doesn’t always be butterflies and rainbows and days where you want to jump up and down all the time. it’s more than okay to just feel “okay” and have off days.

it’s vital to learn how to accept and acknowledge how you feel and then be able communicate that effectively to yourself and people that love you. in the past, i would have a bad day and literally force myself to think that it wasn’t bad. but it was…and my  ‘positive thinking’ didn’t change that. that wasn’t positive thinking either, it was just lying to myself. i’ve learned to recognize that some things, situations, moods and feelings are hard and difficult and sad and sometimes bad. accepting that  doesn’t make me a negative person, that doesn’t make me a complainer or a quitter – that makes me human. and as humans, we all have bad days.

what’s important to remember is that you have to get up. you have to keep going even on the not-so-awesome days. you have to keep moving forward, doing the best you can. and above all, i’ve learned how valuable and instrumental it is to be able to confidentially say that life is good, beautiful, a blessing – even on the bad days.

anyway, if today is one of those bad days for you – i hope this was helpful. i hope {and have a really great feeling!} that tomorrow will be a better one! xo

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2 responses to “advice for bad days

  1. As usual, I found comfort in what you wrote here. I do feel that I am usual able to say that life is good, and see the grander picture, on the bad days.

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