quit checking your phone!

have you ever read some of the awesome articles posted on linkedin? while a lot of them are career-focused, there are often lifestyle and productivity-related posts that i really dig. this one in particular shares about why it’s not-so-awesome to check your phone first thing in the morning. i am SO guilty of doing this and i hate it! i also find myself journaling and reading before bed and then checking my phone onelasttime before sleeping. why?! it’s really a terrible habit of mine.

my goal is to not instinctively reach for my cell phone right when i open my eyes and instead, um..wake up? then journal, start my day by getting ready and THEN AND ONLY THEN check my cell phone {frantically}. anyway, hope you enjoy these quick reminders about checking your phone and why you should journal instead.

1. Checking your phone forces you to be reactive than pro-active; it creates pressure to respond to texts and emails when other people want you to, rather than when it’s convenient for you.

Instead: Writing in your notebook puts you back in control of your communication; it gives you the chance to craft your reply instead of shooting it off reactively, and respond on your schedule, not someone else’s

2. Checking your phone fills you with that frenetic, compulsive feeling that you might be missing out.

Instead: Writing in your notebook has a calming influence.

3. Checking your phone tricks you with the trivial; it fools you into thinking that news and updates from the virtual world are more important than what’s right in from of you in the actual world right now.

Instead: Writing in your notebook reminds you of what’s important right now.

4. Checking your phone fills every spare moment with noise.

Instead: Writing in your notebook provides you time to think and reflect.

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