thursday thankful list

no change happens until there is a change of perspective. the good life always wears the habit of gratitude. its eyes are trained to really see reality. it does not wait and wonder if the good will happen someday. it’s in the habit of seeing the good happening right now. – ann voskamp

happy thursday, loves! i’m trying each day to be better at being in the habit of gratitude. to always be on the look out for the good. here’s a few of the little and big things i’m thankful for today.

a new favorite spot in my ‘hood – b. patisserie!
monday night sushi dates with laura
going to bed before 10pm
friendly baristas
watching an orange and pink sunset from the park
sending packages in the mail
realizing i drank a lot of water in one day!
fresh flowers
receiving the sweetest thank you note {thanks ash and dave!}
t-minus one month until i’m back in ohio!
blooming peonies {!!!!!}
breakfast dates
80 degrees in san francisco
finding the perfect gift for someone
trying a new restaurant for the first time
bombay bicycle club on repeat
“above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” – this verse
interesting conversations with good friends over dinner


2 responses to “thursday thankful list

  1. Pick a day for our pastry date plz!!!

  2. I love your Thankful Thursday posts. I’ve gotten in the habit of starting the day with just a few minutes of meditative breathing thinking of things I’m grateful for that morning, and then ending the day with writing down in my journal the things I am grateful for about that day. I always notice when I skip a day or am traveling and mess up my daily practice because I start to feel the stress and anxiety creep back in. A gratitude practice is such a great way to remember how blessed we really are each and every day and for me, to be grateful and patient with where I am now… not always focused on what’s next… as a total Type-A personality by discipline, that’s something I’ve had to un-train myself from my corporate days… :) You glow, girl!

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