thursday thankful list: slow down

you can only hear your life sing when you’re still. – ann voskamp // 

i shared this photo on instagram last week and wanted to re-share on polish my crown. at the time, i was rushing to a Pilates class after a chaotic day at work and mentally running down my weekend to-do list. then, i saw the light, the reflection of the tree, these huge, blooming peonies in the window. then i stopped. it was the perfect reminder that i need to slow down and stop frantically trying to get everything done and rush from activity to activity. instead, i should be looking for those small glimpses of beauty and goodness all around me, in each chaotic day.

here’s a few other things i noticed this week when i took a moment to slow down:
adorable children squealing of happiness on the beach
blooming purple jacaranda everywhere in san diego
the moment a bad mood immediately goes away
hearing someone say “i miss you!”
weekday mini celebrations
sunshine pouring through my bedroom window
cozy socks
walking barefoot in the sand
when someone goes out of their way to be friendly
how i feel when i finish a good pilates or yoga class
that i’m loved unconditionally
birds singing in the morning
bike riding! moving my legs to get to the place i need to be!

here’s another post about slowing down if you’re interested. have a great day! xo


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