for my mom

words can’t quite describe how important my mom is to me. i view her as one of my best friends, although when i tell her that she always declares, “i’m not your friend! i’m your mom!” every single person who meets her can see the love and energy she radiates and is inspired and encouraged by her presence. even a few days ago, i woke up early and couldn’t go back to bed and called her. we talked for 45 minutes or so about everything and nothing and laughed and it was so awesome. i don’t have to pre-plan our conversations or our time together, it just falls into place perfectly. putting together a reasons i love my mom is easy because there are many reasons, but it’s also hard because it makes me miss her so much and want to be close to her drinking coffee and spending time together in person. while i’m not home this mother’s day, i’m so so so thankful we’ll get to see each other in a few weeks! happy mother’s day, mom!

mom, i love you
for being a real-life definition of unconditional love
for singing at the top of your lungs while driving a minivan
for believing in the power of transformation and the miracle of metamorphosis. the theological term for that is faith.
for books before bedtime
for going out of your way to love and care about my friends
for always advocating and praying for me
for dealing with my mood swings, my brown-turned-black-turned-blonde-turned red hair and my bad attitude
for believing me
for always being excited for me and excited to talk to me!
for being a referee, a negotiator, a team player
for getting through toddler temper tantrums and teenage attitudes and quarter-life crosses
for your openness to adventure and “yes!” attitude
for scratching my back and braiding my hair and holding my hand
for putting us three girls above yourself and your wants and needs day-in and day-out
for pretending like you weren’t mad at us when we stepped on and broke your antique table or disappointed in us when we broke your heart from bad decisions throughout adolescence.
for generally being interested in my life, my day {even the boring parts!}
for being grace, light, peace
for not being an “on-the-sidelines” kind of mom, for always being involved
for flying to washington dc with me when i accepted my first internship and for the countless times you’ve dropped me off at the airport for other adventures
for not taking yourself too seriously {i remember you dressed like a clown for VBS and getting pulled over…}
for extending your life to those around you, for literally and figuratively giving the shirt off your back to anyone and everyone
for living inwardly and upwardly and outwardly
for being an amazing example of what i want to be like one day

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2 responses to “for my mom

  1. Absolutely love this, Ander! And of course, yo’ momma! xoxo

  2. I’m sure your mom beamed reading this today. Beautifully written!

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