10 life lessons

1. Spent as much time with family as possible.

2. Go out of your way to be nice to everyone…even the people who aren’t nice to you!

3. You will not be the same size now that you were in high school. So stop comparing yourself to that.

4. When in doubt; wear red lipstick.

5. Say yes to every opportunity and adventure.

6. It’s okay {and necessary} to acknowledge something is stressful, upsetting or hurtful.

7. You deserve to be treated with integrity, respect, kindness and love! You won’t settle for anything less.

8. There is way, way, way more to life than money, success, job status.

9. Life goes by realllllllly quickly. Invest in relationships. Enjoy seasons of time as they come along!

10. Joy is mind over matter.

– Excerpt of my 23rd birthday blog post {over 2 years ago!} sharing some of life lessons learned. Here’s a few of my favorites that are very much still relevant, important and things I’m reminding myself of daily even now. And…for fun, a #throwbackthursday photo from right around my 23rd birthday – putting on red lipstick of course. xo!



2 responses to “10 life lessons

  1. Say yes to adventure: that’s one I try to always remember. Love your lists!

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