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a cell phone, a bucket of water and peonies

how beautiful are these bright pink peonies? i love looking at them and plan to buy peonies as often as i can until their season is done. sadly, while picking these beauties out, i dropped my cell phone into the bucket of water holding the bunches of flowers. now, i’ve had my share of cell phone fiascos — i just bought a new one in april, plus have had countless shattered screens, dead batteries, etc. but friday, i experienced water. so, while i enjoy these insanely gorgeous flowers, my very new cell phone sits in a bag of rice. sigh.

what i’m a bit frustrated about though is how much i let this affect an entire day. i spent way more time than i’d like to admit sulking and feeling sorry for myself {i have to buy ANOTHER phone?!}. i also felt a little lonely – and i think it’s because i’m so used to obsessively having my phone in my hand and instantly having access to anyone i want to talk to. when your phone is in a bag of rice, it’s not quite possible to text anyone and everyone whenever you feel like it. it’s been an eye-opening weekend seeing how much i rely on my phone and how i need to learn to be okay without it too.

the bright side about the whole experience is that i was reminded by several people who love me, challenge me and encourage me to have a little perspective. they reminded me that yes – it’s just a phone. yes – i can replace it. yes – it’s annoying and frustrating, but it will all be okay. it’s been really awesome to sit back and think about these people who constantly are helping me look at situations through a different lens; the phone incident this past weekend was just one example. the shauna niequist quote below perfectly captures how i feel about the people who reminded me to look on the bright side this weekend, or in the words of shauna, find a new way to tell the story.

“left to our own devices, we sometimes choose the most locked up, dark versions of the story, but what a good friend does is turn on the lights, open the window, and remind us that there are a whole lot of ways to tell the same story.” – shauna niequist

summary? the story i want to tell is that i have these amazing vibrant flowers to admire, i have a loving support system surrounding me and i have a less-than-functional cell phone that is easily replaceable. today, i hope you learn to re-tell your story.


for my mom

words can’t quite describe how important my mom is to me. i view her as one of my best friends, although when i tell her that she always declares, “i’m not your friend! i’m your mom!” every single person who meets her can see the love and energy she radiates and is inspired and encouraged by her presence. even a few days ago, i woke up early and couldn’t go back to bed and called her. we talked for 45 minutes or so about everything and nothing and laughed and it was so awesome. i don’t have to pre-plan our conversations or our time together, it just falls into place perfectly. putting together a reasons i love my mom is easy because there are many reasons, but it’s also hard because it makes me miss her so much and want to be close to her drinking coffee and spending time together in person. while i’m not home this mother’s day, i’m so so so thankful we’ll get to see each other in a few weeks! happy mother’s day, mom!

mom, i love you
for being a real-life definition of unconditional love
for singing at the top of your lungs while driving a minivan
for believing in the power of transformation and the miracle of metamorphosis. the theological term for that is faith.
for books before bedtime
for going out of your way to love and care about my friends
for always advocating and praying for me
for dealing with my mood swings, my brown-turned-black-turned-blonde-turned red hair and my bad attitude
for believing me
for always being excited for me and excited to talk to me!
for being a referee, a negotiator, a team player
for getting through toddler temper tantrums and teenage attitudes and quarter-life crosses
for your openness to adventure and “yes!” attitude
for scratching my back and braiding my hair and holding my hand
for putting us three girls above yourself and your wants and needs day-in and day-out
for pretending like you weren’t mad at us when we stepped on and broke your antique table or disappointed in us when we broke your heart from bad decisions throughout adolescence.
for generally being interested in my life, my day {even the boring parts!}
for being grace, light, peace
for not being an “on-the-sidelines” kind of mom, for always being involved
for flying to washington dc with me when i accepted my first internship and for the countless times you’ve dropped me off at the airport for other adventures
for not taking yourself too seriously {i remember you dressed like a clown for VBS and getting pulled over…}
for extending your life to those around you, for literally and figuratively giving the shirt off your back to anyone and everyone
for living inwardly and upwardly and outwardly
for being an amazing example of what i want to be like one day

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thursday thankful list (on a tuesday)

i haven’t shared a thursday thankful list post in WAY too long and i felt like sharing one with you today, even though it’s not thursday.

that there’s nothing quite like being around good friends
funny birthday cards
hammocking in the park
bright red strawberries in my yogurt and granola
a weeklong visit with kerry in town
sister sleepovers
friday nights doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g
“mercies are new every morning” reminders
a brunch that’s well worth the long wait
an umbrella and rain boots
paddle boarding!
it’s april {how?!? crazy.}
finishing a good hike
my sister hope
new soft blanket for my bed!
romans 15:13: “may the God of hope fill you will all joy and peace as you trust in Him so you overflow.”
risotto with parmesan cheese
songs on repeat
texts from my mom
saying how you really feel out loud
pink flowers blooming in the window

what are you thankful for?


a quick update

hello friends!
i hope you’re having a great week so far! i wanted to give you a quick life/blog update. when i started polish my crown over three years ago, i never imagined it would be a place where i would continue to share well into my mid-twenties. it’s been such a blessing for me to have this little place on the internet and to write and learn and grow. the purpose of the blog is to encourage people to live their best lives possible, to view themselves as queens. this, of course, never means to be bratty and stuck-up, but instead, clothed with strength and dignity, that flows from the inside out. i hope this blog is one you bookmark for the days you are looking for an added boost of inspiration and encouragement, a place where you are reminded that yes, you are enough and yes, everything will be okay.

that being said, real life, in-person me, the life-outside-of-blogging me, hasn’t been able to catch up. i wish i could tell you i have blog posts written and scheduled and tons of awesome new content to share, but i don’t. i’ve been traveling since early march and on another trip this week. my little sister gets in town on friday {!!!} for a week. i just haven’t had a chance to sit down and write and don’t forsee having a ton of time to write in the next week or so. rather than scramble to put something together, i’m accepting that it’s okay to take a little bit of a mini blog vacation during the next couple of days. it’s always been important for me-in-real-life to not sacrifice unhealthily for me-in-the-blog-world. this blog, one of my happy places, always has been important to me, but not at the sake of my personal wellbeing and my friends and family. i promise i’ll be back soon sharing more and more with you, but for the next few days, i’ll be off the blog.

until i’m back after this short hiatus, here’s a few old posts and series that i recommend reading if you’re looking for some love. you can also follow my adventures on instagram here!

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on emotional ditches

hi friends, i was digging through my wordpress drafts and discovered this blog post i wrote on july 22, 2013. i never shared it because i was too scared or too nervous or too confused about what state my life was actually in. re-reading it to myself over six months later almost brought me to tears. while i definitely don’t feel this way all the time and it certainly has been happening less and less lately, i sometimes still struggle with feeling insecure and down. it was an important reminder for me to shift back to truth; to thankfulness, to love, to constantly and even desperately seek light in life. thanks for reading! i’m so glad this blog is a place i can share the happy and sometimes not-so-happy moments of my life {even when it’s half a year later…!}

confession time: i absolutely hate admitting to having a bad day. i’m really bad at it. i hate making my problems and insecurities other peoples’ problems and prefer to enjoy my day as usual and then go into my room and soak up the bad day-ness. one lesson i’m learning as i’m getting older is how supported and loved i am by so many people – people who want to hear about my bad days and the things that stress me out and scare me and make me cry. i’m so very thankful for those people so thank you if you are one of them!

i know this blog is where i share daily doses of inspiration, encouragement and most of all, positivity and thankfulness, but can i share with you guys where i’ve been lately? i hope that’s okay. i’ve caught myself lately not so much having big bad terrible days, but just hours and minutes that are full of fear and negativity. it’s been far too easy to fall down the slippery slope of insecurity, doubt and self-hate. here’s what i mean by this slippery slope: one thing happens or bums me out {even things that aren’t a big deal} and my mind spirals and asks questions and shifts from positive and thankful to negative and ashamed. my mind will process what happened and then the negative self-talk comes in: “well this probably happened because [of past mistakes i’ve made, i need to lose fifteen pounds, i’m not a good enough friend, no one likes me for who i am, the list of ridiculousness things goes on and on…]. one thing happens and i turn it into 35 things. i’m ready to reverse directions and shift back to thankfulness, optimism and self-love.

one of the people i’m so thankful for is my mom and i’ve been repeating her advice over and over: you can’t progress and move forward on your life path if you’re wallowing in the {emotional} ditch. 

my life was created to be moving forward, not sitting and stalling in an unhealthy ditch full of self-pity and shame. my inner dialogue is usually upbeat, loving and thankful and on those not-so-fabulous days when it dives into an emotional ditch, i’m learning to address it head-on. i would never say things to people that i love that i say to myself and every day i have to set the ‘refresh’ button on what my mind focuses on.

this week, i’m not curling up into a ball and feeling bad for myself. i’m appreciating and spending time with people who love me for me. i’m pulling up my big-girl panties {i really hate that word…} and tackling the day and whatever comes with it with grace, ease and love. i’m remembering that only i have the power to walk myself out of the emotional ditch and seek light.


happy birthday pal!

happiest 17th birthday to my baby sis, hope! i vividly remember the day hope was born. i was in second grade and all three of us girls went to the hospital with my parents. later that day, i went to school and remember being SO proud and excited to tell my class i had a brand new baby sister. fast forward 17 years and i still couldn’t be more proud to have this determined, funny, smart and loving lady as my own sister. pal, i am so thankful for you and the joy you bring into our lives each and every day. love you!

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the moments within your years

early yesterday morning, i recalled and talked about one of my all-time favorite quotes. it’s not one of those favorite quotes that i repeat in my head daily or write on the inside of cards, but it’s one that always sticks out. it’s from the author simon van booy and it goes like this: “actually, years mean nothing. it’s what’s inside them.” i was telling eric about how much i love the quote and how it’s a reminder that our day-to-day moments and experiences are more important than these actual dates and milestones. i told him that the quote always reminds me of my grandpa, who does the perfect job of living out of the inside of those years.

he’s one who at over the age of 75, crawls on the floor with his great-grandchildren to play. he’s one who would do absolutely anything for anybody and truly would live out that age-old phrase of ‘taking the shirt off his back’ for someone else. he’s one who after a 9-hour trek around washington dc while i was interning, was ready to do another 8pm trek when i was off work. he’s one who participates, who asks questions, who wouldn’t miss any event or activity one of us grandkids was interested or playing in. he’s one who finishes every phone call or text conversation telling me ‘we love you. we’re praying for you.’ he’s one who spends hours upon hours reading the bible and sitting in his big old chair reading. he’s one who gives me the biggest hug when he sees me and gives me another one five minutes later ‘just because.’ he’s one who is up for late night coffee and always late night ice cream. he’s one who cherishes a $5 san francisco coffee mug and uses it every day – because ‘it reminds him of me.’ he’s one who still reaches over to hold the hand of the girl he fell in love with 55 years ago. he’s the epitome of someone who isn’t defined by numbers and years but instead, lives out of the moments within them.

yesterday night, my little sis called me and told me grandpa was in a car accident. it’s super icy up in michigan and he rear-ended a car on his way to wednesday night church. thankfully, he is at home with a few cuts and bruises on his knees, hands and face and feeling sore. THANKFULLY. it could have been much worse. i’m not sure why i’m even rambling on about the story here on my blog, but the whole thing just got me thinking. the day pretty much started and ended with stories about, or related to my grandpa.

today, i’m feeling fortunate to have a real-life example of why it’s important to spend time investing in the teeny moments and regular people inside of your years. in some weird way, he’s a reminder that i should stop thinking about everything in numbers (i’m 25! i graduated college THREE years ago! omg!) and instead, start focusing on the lovely, difficult, wonderful and beautiful things inside of those years. i hope you start to do the same. xo