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flower crowns are my fave.

i went to an event last week where i discovered an amazing bay area-based company called the petal company. the company is a floral and events studio and i had so much fun learning about what they do! during the event, we learned to make our own real flower crowns and i was so obsessed with mine {see photo above!}. thought i would share a few more crown-related links and how-tos to get inspired and make your own!

my diy flower crown how-to

diy birthday crown project {via designlovefest}

diy flower crown {via bleubird}

4-step flower crown diy and video! {via style caster}

annnnnd 100+ crown inspirations on this pinterest board, including some awesome floral crowns!

enjoy today and happy monday, queens! xo


DIY Crowns

Bri from Design Love Fest is just fabulous. I highly recommend checking out her blog for creative inspiration and ideas! I discovered this DIY birthday crown project on her site and absolutely needed to share! All you need is poster board, scissors, pencil, craft glue, binder clips and lots and lots of gems, jewels, glitter, sequins or any other fun embellishments. Download the one of the two different crown templates here or here {or both} and get to crafting. So easy and super fun!



All photos from Design Love Fest



It’s been really fun for me to slowly put together my apartment from scratch. I really love decorating {I think I get it from my mom!} and it’s been great to find ways to fill little nooks and crannies in our space. It definitely wasn’t intentional, but I noticed how many TOWERS of books and magazines I have throughout the apartment. Here’s a few of my favorite stacks/piles/towers — whatever you want to call them.

{1} In bedroom: A few favorite fashion magazines and inspiring books topped with a framed photo of my hometown
{2} In bedroom: More fashion magazines and style books with vintage buttons on top
{3} In bedroom: Colorful books and an empty vintage frame on this yellow stool
{4} In living room: Black and white tower of books and magazines with white frog on top
{5} In living room: Green and white tower of fashion magazines and books with a quirky green chair on top
{6} In living room: Random magazines topped with a blue oval vase from Anthropologie

How-To: Flower Crown

I am someone who apparently takes the “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair…” lyrics seriously. I’ve always enjoyed big bright flowers in my hair and just had to try out a flower crown DIY project. After skimming through this DIY and also this one, I decided to bite the bullet and spend a weekday night crafting.

Here’s the how-to for the first headband I made which I ended up wearing to Outside Lands music festival. It was super easy and I received a ton of compliments {minus the people who had to stand behind me} on the crazy headband/crown. I’ll post another DIY to the second {right} headband in the near future.

Time: 5-10 minutes


  • Hardshell headband {mine was just a basic brown one from Walgreens}
  • Hot glue gun
  • Artificial flowers – select flower size depending on how subtle or outlandish you’re aiming for
  • Small artificial leaves
  • Step 1: Select your flower size and how many blooms {an odd number} you want on the headband or crown; I selected five
  • Step 2: Pull the selected flowers from their plastic stems and cut the green plastic piece off the back of each bloom
  • Step 3: Start with the center of the headband and glue the first flower bloom down; continue gluing the other blooms to the sides of the center bloom
  • Step 4: Glue small leaves in between the large blooms to cover up any headband shell pieces
  • Step 5: Try headband on and adjust any blooms/leaves that are out of place
  • Step 6: Put on an adorable outfit and go!
Here’s two photos of the finished product! xx

yellow, yellow

While yellow is a color I’m not typically drawn to, I’ve recently noticed just how much the color pops up in my bedroom. Yellow is color that radiates optimism, cheer and happiness and I definitely appreciate the light and brightness that the color adds to my space. I wanted to share a few of my favorite yellow things in my room! Do you have a favorite color?

{1 & 2} Small stool for holding magazines
{3} Daffodils brighten up my bedroom
{4} A favorite print gifted from the wonderful Jenna!
{5 & 6} Floral hooks from Pottery Barn hold my closet curtains open
{7} Wall decor
{8 & 9} Simple flea market desk chair I painted for a pop or color

DIY: Ring Necklace

Why buy a new necklace when you can make your own?! All you need is ribbon and rings {that you undoubtably already own!} Inspired by the lovely P.S. I Made This, I’ve been wearing this ring necklace for awhile and would LOVE to see more queens rockin’ the same neck party. Here’s how:

STEP ONE: Cut ribbon {Keep it longer rather than shorter so you can re-wear it at different lengths}

STEP TWO: Select and string big, chunky, fun, colorful and ridiculous rings on the ribbon.

STEP THREE: Tie in knot or bow at the back of your neck

STEP FOUR: Wear your bedazzled necklace with smile and confidence! You look great!

Two things to note – or maybe pretend you don’t notice: My shirt is semi see-through {sorry} and I look bald {awkward. sorry again}! Annnnd oh look, I’ve been wearing the ring necklace for a long time {with ring variations}. This picture is from last fall:

As always, thanks for reading! I’m always on the lookout for fun DIY projects so make sure to send them my way! xoxo

DIY: Metallic Button Up & TODAY's DIY Style Week



{Can't wait to pair with this snakeskin print dress!}

Last week, my roommate and I had a DIY night – one of the things we made was this fun metallic collar for a button up shirt. We were inspired by Geri’s lovely post and wanted to try it out! All you need is: a button up shirt (or any with a collar, really), scissors, pen, 2 ft x 6 inches gold fabric, fabric glue/hot glue gun. After laying the gold fabric over the shirt, you simply trace over the collar, cut accordingly and glue on. Pretty simple, right? Geri’s looks a little better than ours, but I’m excited to wear the *new metallic button up soon!

On the topic of DIY, I’m excited to announce that today is the start of TODAY‘s DIY Style Week! Monday through Friday of this week will feature videos, tutorials, images and more on-air, as well as on the TODAY Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow the conversation by including #DIYWeekTODAY in your tweets!

Here’s the DIY Style Week schedule:

Make sure to check it out! Enjoy your Monday! xo

What DIY projects are you itching to make? Next up for me is this fishtail skirt, these painted seashell earrings and this elbow patch sweater.