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dose of joy {by reegan}

Meet the lovely Reegan! She’s sharing ten things that bring her a daily dose of joy.

Nail polish–The more the merrier
Hugs–I am convinced these are the best form of affection in the entire world
My best friend–Our relationship reminds me everyday that anything is possible with the right person by your side
Farmer’s Markets— Eating local + community support + tons of cute dogs= what’s not to love!?
Polish my Crown (and similar blogs)–reading the work of people who want to make others love their life!
Coffee–in conjunction with the company that goes along with it, I’m positive some of life’s best conversations are held over coffee
Public transportation–something that my city sadly lacks:(
Laughter— “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”- Irish proverb
Children–I am someone lucky enough to understand the power and beauty inside of them
The Office–every episode I watch suddenly becomes the funniest thing I have ever seen

Good Morning! coffee café

Thanks for sharing Reegan! What brings you joy? Send me an email – andreateggart[at] and share your own dose of joy list. xx


dose of joy {by katie}

meet my little sister, katie! she surprised me randomly and emailed me a long and lovely “dose of joy” blog post. i thought it was absolutely a must-share. 

1. Reading Andi’s blog and getting a good “pick me up”
2. Good coffee that Corey grinds and makes me
3. 79 degree weather in BG
4. Facetiming Mom when we’re 20 minutes away
5. Younglife
6. Good, long, quiet times
7. Watercolors
8. Blankets and cuddling
9. Jeremiah 29:11
10. Cider with caramel
11. Texts from Dad
12. Colored/Patterned pants
13. Taylor Swift’s new album
14. Detoxing
15. Waking up early to watch the sunrise
16. Counting down the days until Andi comes home
17. Roadtrips with the family
18. Hugs
19. Random phone calls from Sam
20. Ann Arbor trips with Corey
21. Songs
23. Friends I can count on
24. Christmas
25. Feeling so much joy in a moment that I could cry
26. Warm scarves
27. Faithful prayer
28. The smell of trees after it’s rained
29. Unmade beds
30. Using time efficiently
31. Dreaming of being in San Fransisco
32. Yoga
33. Tyler Knott Gregson
34. Naps during sunset
35. Laying around doing nothing with my sisters during breaks
36. Family game nights
37. Laughter

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dose of joy {by kellie}

meet kellie, who is by far one of the cutest and kindest girls i know! her and her roommates graciously let aim, court and i stay at their place during our athens visit and we had an absolute blast! here’s ten things that bring her lots and lots of joy:

1. Waking up without an alarm clock
2. Movie theaters
3. Being an aunt to the sweetest, cutest, most lovable little girl in the world (excuse the possible bias)
4. Uncontrollable laughter
5. The authentically vintage Ohio University poster from my grandpa that hangs in my room at school
6. Calls, texts and emails that are sent “just to check in”
7. Spontaneous trips to the pet store
8. Getting a new magazine
9. Freshly painted nails
10. Leaning on my friends … and letting them lean right back

what brings you joy? share with me via email and i’ll share on the blog soon!

dose of joy {by kayleigh}

meet kayleigh! she’s a polish my crown reader who wanted to share a few lovely things that bring her a dose of joy – in no particular order, of course. enjoy!

1: Fridays @ 5:00
2: Conversations with my Mom
3: Date night with my husband
4: The smell of rain
5. A really good workout
6. Losing yourself in music
7: Coffee with vanilla creamer
8: My nieces
9: The thought of starting a family
10: A really good book that you can’t put down

what brings you joy? email me – i’d love to share!

dose of joy {by sam}

meet the adorable sam! she’s here to share ten little things that bring her a lot of joy today.

1. Getting out of my comfort zone and pursuing unusual adventures

2. Having an ever-evolving wanderlust and cultural fascination

3. My commute. An hour each weekday to read and listen to my favorite music

4. The most supportive friends and family who know me at my CORE

5. Voluspa candles and fresh flowers. My two favorite room accents

6. The farmers’ market

7. Saving every handwritten card I’ve ever received – nothing is more personal and sweet

8. Being me

9. A big, blue beautiful lake outside my doorstep

10. Saying I love you

ps: it brings me lots of joy that she’s coming to visit SF this summer! she’s simply adorable. thanks sam!

what brings you joy? i’d love to hear!

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dose of joy {by melissa}

meet the wonderful melissa! we’ve become quite good friends, although have yet to meet in person. here’s ten things that bring her a daily dose of joy:

+  Fresh flowers + pretty smells coming from a new addition: a Scentsy warmer!
+  Being in a creative, innovative, and supportive work industry
+  Finding old playlists from high school
+  Having a loving support system stand beside me in a rough time
+  Still being able to enjoy a pumpkin chai from Starbucks
+  Using FaceTime to see my parents each day
+  My tattoos, both new and old, and the meaning behind each of them
+  Being able to text/call friends that are spread out all over the country
+  Looking through my deceased best friend’s papers, which her family graciously allowed me to borrow
+  Rainy days: perfect for snuggling in bed with a good book

what brings you joy? feel free to share by emailing me & i’ll post on polish my crown! xo

dose of joy {by heather}

Polish My Crown

meet the lovely heather, who I really need to visit in Austin soon! here’s just a few things that bring her a dose of joy:

1. Meeting new people
2. Staying in touch with friends
3. Reacquainting with people
4. Songs that take you back to a certain time in your life
5. Feeling inspired
6. Enjoying every minute of a weekend
7. The warmth of clothes straight out of the dryer
8. A confidence-boosting conversation
9. Prospective trips to see friends and family
10. The possibilities of tomorrow

can you list ten things that bring you joy and happiness? email me {that striped circle button in the top right corner!} and I’ll share yours! xx