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lovely links

happy friday! i’m in ohio this weekend visiting my fam and celebrating my cousin erin’s wedding. i wanted to share a few of my favorite reads from the week in case you are looking for some inspiration articles, recipe and travel ideas or info on cool things happening in the world. enjoy your long weekend! xo

awesome kickstarter campaign to fund ’embrace’ documentary to help women love their bodies

the yummiest spring recipes

“every life is marked by dimensions of length, breadth and height. length refers to self-love, breadth to the community and care of others, and height to the transcendent, to something larger than oneself.” – excerpt from this awesome article about going beyond doing what you love

an awesome comic and story

the do’s and don’ts of mix and match swimsuits {thanks for passing along gracie!}

anyone else want to book an airbnb in europe?!

i’m so inspired by my friend from ohio university, molly. she got a preventative double mastectomy lowering her risk of breast cancer from 85% to less than 5%. follow her journey on her new blog the molly effect.

facebook un-friending – kind of love this {and agree…}

and a fun giveaway from target!

image via here


Lovely Links

hi friends! happy friday! hope you’ve had a great week so far. i’ve been in san diego on a work trip and heading to los angeles today to visit e’s family {and then my family in ohio in two weeks together…crazy! exciting!}.

i want to go ALL THESE PLACES

why it’s important to take spontaneous adventures

my friend Shikha is now selling her super tasting Kahlua Toast Crunch and shipping nationwide! YUM.

experiences > possessions

how adorable is Natalie’s baby bump?! I love hearing following her pregnant adventures.

i’m obsessed with adding places to my San Francisco Adventures map! Follow along here.

strawberries and cream oatmeal smoothie – yes please!

image found here


lovely links and happy almost weekend!

happy almost weekend! this week has been a whirlwind. i went to yosemite last weekend, took monday off for eric’s birthday and then flew to nyc for work tuesday through this morning. i love exploring and traveling, but also looking forward to some old fashioned lounge time this weekend. hope you have a great one!

here’s a few things i enjoyed reading on my cross-country flights this week!

pretty flower arrangements

advice for bad days

on not being defined by an eating disorder {beautiful post clare!}

travel prep tips

i want to host a grilled cheese party!

the one word to not say after ‘i love you’

why you should journal instead of checking your phone obsessively


Lovely Links

weekend, weekend, weekend! okay…i know we still have two more days to go, but still. i’m excited! anyway, i wanted to share a few favorite finds from the internet this week in case you have a free few minutes to read today. most of all, what i’m trying to do is e-n-j-o-y each moment of my day today, rather than trudge and endure through it. i think it’s easier said than done, but i’m hoping to be ruled by peace and contentment and take whatever happens as it comes. join me? xo

old fashion dating habits that should happen again

25 people on what they wish they knew at 25 years old

stop sitting!

what do you get as the perfect wedding gift? {also: giveaway!}

how to blow dry your hair

fun art prints via etsy {also photo credit to the above pic!}

i can’t stop making {and of course, researching new recipes for} granola!

do i want to get a long bob?

adding THIS to my must-make-this-soon! list


Lovely Links

FRIDAY! To be honest, I didn’t think I would make it through this week. Getting back in the swing of things after a long holiday weekend is always tough. I’m looking forward to spending this weekend relaxing, getting a Christmas tree!!! and celebrating at another festive holiday soiree. Here’s a few {okay, a lot} of my favorite reads from the Web lately. Highly recommend you cozy up with a cup of coffee one morning and read some of these! xo

Spend 2 minutes/day doing this to reduce stress

Did I write this? My mantra: skirts > pants

Colorful holiday gift idea

Blind Pilot on repeat {especially THIS song!}

How to be an awesome holiday guest – really good read

Beauty tips to hide a hangover {hilariously awesome}

Getting married? Good for you. Read why Steph is okay with different life plans right now.

Pictures that prove the world isn’t such a bad place {SO CUTE}.

YUM. Pumpkin quinoa recipe that I made on Friendsgiving and need to make again!

Super cute SF apartment {and she’s my colleague’s sister!}

Have 5 minutes? Here’s 17 productive things to do.


Lovely Links

Hi loves!
I’m off to NYC for the weekend for a quick work trip. While this weekend won’t be the most relaxing ever {I was soooo lazy last weekend}, I’m looking forward to squeezing in time with some friends there and soaking up the energy of New York. Here’s a few of my favorites from the Web this week – enjoy some Friday afternoon reading! xo

The next pair of shoes on my shopping list {via Shoemint}

Must-read on self-love and beauty

Amazing move by Wet Seal {wish more fashion brands would take their cue!}

I’ll take one of each from SS Print Shop please…

Women can really have it all.

What your coffee says about you

Vulnerability = creativity {love Brene Brown}

Delicious pumpkin recipes

8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have


Lovely Links

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a great week. Here’s a few of my favorites from the Web over the past few days. I hope your weekend is full of sunshine, delicious meals {that graphic up there is just too amazing}, good friends, laughter and a lot of relaxation.


Highly recommend this one: How to go on an actual date

Everyday decisions 20-somethings are really bad at {I’ve been laughing about this A LOT}

“It’s very hard

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to be vulnerable. But those people that do that are the dreamers and thinkers and creators and they’re the magic people of the world.” – awesome advice from Amy Poehler

I’ll take one of each of these prints please?

Emily’s honesty and beauty in this blog post

A beautiful interview by Darling Magazine with Robin May {love her Instagram!}

Dear Blank, Please Blank {hilarious website/guilty pleasure}

Omg. Avocado pasta!