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thursday thankful list: slow down

you can only hear your life sing when you’re still. – ann voskamp // 

i shared this photo on instagram last week and wanted to re-share on polish my crown. at the time, i was rushing to a Pilates class after a chaotic day at work and mentally running down my weekend to-do list. then, i saw the light, the reflection of the tree, these huge, blooming peonies in the window. then i stopped. it was the perfect reminder that i need to slow down and stop frantically trying to get everything done and rush from activity to activity. instead, i should be looking for those small glimpses of beauty and goodness all around me, in each chaotic day.

here’s a few other things i noticed this week when i took a moment to slow down:
adorable children squealing of happiness on the beach
blooming purple jacaranda everywhere in san diego
the moment a bad mood immediately goes away
hearing someone say “i miss you!”
weekday mini celebrations
sunshine pouring through my bedroom window
cozy socks
walking barefoot in the sand
when someone goes out of their way to be friendly
how i feel when i finish a good pilates or yoga class
that i’m loved unconditionally
birds singing in the morning
bike riding! moving my legs to get to the place i need to be!

here’s another post about slowing down if you’re interested. have a great day! xo


thursday thankful list

no change happens until there is a change of perspective. the good life always wears the habit of gratitude. its eyes are trained to really see reality. it does not wait and wonder if the good will happen someday. it’s in the habit of seeing the good happening right now. – ann voskamp

happy thursday, loves! i’m trying each day to be better at being in the habit of gratitude. to always be on the look out for the good. here’s a few of the little and big things i’m thankful for today.

a new favorite spot in my ‘hood – b. patisserie!
monday night sushi dates with laura
going to bed before 10pm
friendly baristas
watching an orange and pink sunset from the park
sending packages in the mail
realizing i drank a lot of water in one day!
fresh flowers
receiving the sweetest thank you note {thanks ash and dave!}
t-minus one month until i’m back in ohio!
blooming peonies {!!!!!}
breakfast dates
80 degrees in san francisco
finding the perfect gift for someone
trying a new restaurant for the first time
bombay bicycle club on repeat
“above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” – this verse
interesting conversations with good friends over dinner


Thursday Thankful List

Happy Thursday! On days and weeks where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, I find a lot of comfort in taking time to simply write down what I’m thankful for. Some days I can write and write and write what I’m thankful for and other days coming up with three or four seems like a lot. It doesn’t matter whether my list is 3,857 things or just a couple, it’s just important to recognize and take the time to be thankful for the big and small in my life. This thankfulness has transformed into a joy for life that is top of my thankful list week-over-week. I highly recommend writing down what you’re thankful for right now – you won’t regret it. XO

Meeting inspiring, awesome people
Saying I’m sorry
Vacation planning
People surrounding me who love and accept me for who I am
A fully charged cell phone
That the ‘resurrection means everything sad come undone.’
Wearing a new dress for the first time
Falling asleep on freshly cleaned sheets
Thin red Sharpie markers
Afternoon green juice
Cozy flannel
Breaks from work to laugh a lot
Days that start with almond croissants
My real-life, non-iPhone calendar/agenda
Talking on the phone with Hope
Living in San Francisco {if you’re looking for things to do in the city, here’s my recommendations}
Taking time to myself


thursday thankful list

happy thursday friends!

after a couple of crazy back-to-back weeks in march and early april, i’m happy to be settling back into a normal routine. in a six week period, i traveled to austin, phoenix, denver, new york city and had my sister kerry visit for a week. all good things, but i’m definitely thankful to have down time to enjoy life back in san francisco.

here’s a few other things i’m thankful for this week:
jj heller music
rooftop views {anywhere, but this one is from The JIMMY in NYC}
wedding planning with erin!
hilarious phone calls with katie
waking up and seeing sun pouring through the window
reading through old journals
proverbs 4:23
enjoying a meal by myself
re-reading the great gatsby
vacation days
finding an outfit i love
wearing a pair of new heels for the first time
and therefore, aloe vera
feeling known and accepted
helpful strangers
green juice
that tomorrow is friday!
THE BIGGEST: that my grandpa’s stroke last week was only mild, and he was out of the hospital after three days.

what are you thankful for?


thursday thankful list (on a tuesday)

i haven’t shared a thursday thankful list post in WAY too long and i felt like sharing one with you today, even though it’s not thursday.

that there’s nothing quite like being around good friends
funny birthday cards
hammocking in the park
bright red strawberries in my yogurt and granola
a weeklong visit with kerry in town
sister sleepovers
friday nights doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g
“mercies are new every morning” reminders
a brunch that’s well worth the long wait
an umbrella and rain boots
paddle boarding!
it’s april {how?!? crazy.}
finishing a good hike
my sister hope
new soft blanket for my bed!
romans 15:13: “may the God of hope fill you will all joy and peace as you trust in Him so you overflow.”
risotto with parmesan cheese
songs on repeat
texts from my mom
saying how you really feel out loud
pink flowers blooming in the window

what are you thankful for?


Thursday Thankful List

today i’m thankful for big and small and want to share just a few with you.

what are you thankful for today?

big things:
two parents who love me unconditionally and passionately
the gift of being a big sister
a close relationship with extended family
new seasons of life
a college education
an uncontainable god
friends turned into family
finding out kristen will be in ohio {from australia!} the same weekend i’ll be there
living in san francisco
second chances, new mercies daily
being loved and accepted
memories – even sad ones – it reminds me that significant events have happened in my life
the ability to move, shake, sing, dance!

surprise flowers at work
gummy bears
sushi dates
quiet morning moments alone
songs on repeat
my nalgene water bottle
hand holding
fog rolling over the city
the way that certain things just work out
life chats with mom
when my phone battery lasts longer than expected
the first day after a series of rainy days
handwritten notes
grilled cheese and tomato soup
one day closer to friday!
discovering something you forgot about in my closet


Thursday Thankful List: Surprise Birthday Weekend

Happy Thursday, lovelies!

Last Friday was my 25th birthday. My boyfriend and I took the day off work and planned {or at least I did} to do some sort of weekend adventure together. I knew no details but was just going with the flow throughout the day on Friday. Little did I know, he had been coordinating a surprise party with tons of my friends up in Russian River Valley. Needless to say, the weekend was full of surprise and excitement and lots of thankfulness. It was one of those OMG!!!! moments, that’s for sure. Here’s just a few things from the weekend I’m thankful for!

Everyone involved: Eric, Rob, Aimee, Courtney, Ali, Joey, Scott, Sarah, Shihka, Luke, Thuy, Savannah, Sean
Surprise wine tasting trips at three beautiful wineries
How nice our rental van driver was!
Lazy Saturday mornings with friends
Walks with coffee in hand
Feeling loved
Inside jokes
Hot tubbing
Personal, non-expensive but thoughtful and loving gifts
The initial feeling of excitement and panic and WHAT IS HAPPENING? that comes with surprises
Hot tubbing
Strolls through the vineyard at Christopher Creek
Orange turned pink turned deep blue sunsets
How beautiful and obvious the stars are when you’re not surrounded by buildings in the city!
Adventuring through Point Reyes – tons of cows, beautiful beaches and a hike to a lighthouse!
Laughter. Lots of it!
Being able to enjoy views of the Russian River AND the Pacific Ocean
The bright blue hue of Sunday mornings
So many texts from friends near and far saying happy birthday {thanks guys!}

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who made my day so special in person. You guys really know how to make a girl feel extra loved!


Thursday Thankful List

today i’m thankful for…

7am pilates classes!
catch up sushi dinner with savannah
warm socks
the sound of wrapping paper being cut and taped
knowing that my actions have the power to cause other people joy
holiday cards in the mail
after work phone calls with pal
laughing hysterically for no good reason
matt and kim on repeat
the reminder that “thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.”
staying in bed for an extra 30 minutes
swimming {especially backstroke!}
early morning workouts with aim {hello gym accountability buddy!}
bundling up in beanies and puffy coats and tights and boots
that condoleezza rice randomly walked into my gym yesterday – so weird/crazy/cool!
holiday surprises
a flight home in t-minus one week!
throwback n’sync christmas music
genuinely loving, supportive and encouraging friends
lazy sunday reading at a new {to me} cafe in the mission
eggs benedict
that life is more than just work
the smell of the christmas tree in my living room!
the way my lips feel right after i put on chapstick
the smell of warm bread coming out of the oven
that perfect day-turning-to-night moment
when other people share what they’re thankful for – here’s an old blog post sharing what polish my crown readers were thankful for! love hearing this stuff.


post-thanksgiving: all of the time thankfulness

I wrote a guest blog post on Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe site last week about Thanksgiving and not just being grateful on the one holiday, but all of the time. I’m excited to re-share the post on my blog with you today, especially as it can be challenging to stay thankful when we’re being thrown back in the swing of things on a Monday after the long weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Read the post here on MNB here. xo!

This [past] week, we celebrate[d] Thanksgiving Day, an American holiday marked by lots of delicious food and time spent with good friends and family. One tradition at my home is to go around the table and ask every family member or friend to share three things they are thankful for. As much as I love sharing what I’m thankful for, it’s even more inspiring to hear what other people have to say.

I think that’s the true power of sharing your thankfulness out loud. While it’s wonderful to constantly think about all of the things you’re thankful for, your unspoken thoughts live in your mind.

Thankfulness is multiplied when we take it out of our thoughts and turn it into action – and that starts with saying it out loud. One thing we are usually good at during Thanksgiving week is to talk about our thankfulness, but then it stops. The gratitude we share on Thanksgiving is often halted and then we go back to the chaotic rush of work, relationships and crossing things off our to-do list. In the middle of our busy lives, we never take a chance to share out loud what we appreciate about life.

What if we approached the Thanksgiving holiday as a time to not only ‘be thankful’ this week, but all of the time? What if we viewed the Thanksgiving holiday as a launching pad into an “always on” thankful attitude? What if all of the talking about our gratitude on Thanksgiving pushed us to talk about our blessings in our day-to-day (non-holiday) conversations?

Somedays it’s a lot harder to be thankful for our circumstances. Just like some holiday seasons feel a little bruised and hard to get through, some of our normal, non-celebratory days will feel the same. Life isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s hard to muster even one thing to be thankful for. But saying it out loud and sharing that one thankful thing to just one person – can make all of the difference.

When we share the goodness in our day-to-day lives and talk about what we appreciate, we allow other people to open their eyes to the goodness in their own life. Today, I hope the holiday season is just a kickstart to a life of ‘all the time’ thankfulness and gratitude for the many gifts we’ve been given.

Here’s just a few things I’m thankful for to get you started on your journey to appreciating the good every day, not just on the holidays.

Cuddly puppies, champagne toasts, stretching after a good workout, holding hands, pink and orange sunsets, laughing at the top of my lungs, peppermint tea, reading the newspaper, playing a favorite song on repeat, calling my grandparents on the phone, the color of pomegranate seeds, skipping downhill, freshly squeezed juice for breakfast, bad days that turn into good days, freshly cleaned sheets, encouraging friends.


Thursday Thankful List: Friendsgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

This is the third year in a row my friends and I have hosted a Friendsgiving here in San Francisco. Many of us are from out of town {okay, mostly from Ohio} so we decided to throw our own shindig in 2011 and now, it’s one of our favorite days of the year. There will be 20+ people squeezed into my tiny apartment and tons of homemade {and some store bought ;)} goodies and plenty of wine to go around. One tradition we’ve implemented is that everyone goes around the room before we eat and share three things they are thankful for. If you’ve read my blog before, this shouldn’t be too surprising, as I often write about how important it is to not only think about, but share, what I’m thankful for. For me, it’s more inspiring to hear what OTHER people are thankful for. Some of these people are my bestest of friends from college, some are colleagues, some are new-to-me San Francisco family, some I barely know. That’s the beauty in it all, though. When we share what we’re thankful for, it’s a way we open our worlds to other people and let them in on what makes our hearts sing and what makes our days a little brighter. Gratitude is only multiplied when we take it out of our thoughts and turn it into action – and that starts with saying these things out loud.

So while I’ll be saying what I’m thankful for out loud to my Friendsgiving family today, I also want to say them out loud, right here for you. Here’s just a few things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving morning:

Creating our own traditions
Random outbursts of laughter
The free gift of grace I wake up to each morning
Fall bouquets of flowers
When the light hits just right
Cards in the mail
Three beautiful, spunky, ridiculously silly little sisters
Blue turned pink turned purple turned yellow sunsets
Balsamic-drizzled brussel sprouts
Group texts
Parents who have taught me the value of hard work and loving others
A necklace I wear almost daily that was my 21st birthday gift from Mom & Dad
Putting on comfy clothes after a long day
Bus rides with Zach
People who know me so well and love me unconditionally
Fall leaves
Friends that have turned into family
Lazy, long weekends
Sleeping in an extra hour
Days off work
The feeling of actually being overwhelmed by thankfulness {yes, in the best way possible}

I hope today is not the only day you think about and share what you’re thankful for. I hope you view the Thanksgiving holiday as a time to press the ‘refresh’ button on gratitude and start making it a key ingredient in your life moving forward. Enjoy today! xo