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DIY Faux Fur Vest


STEPS BEFOREHAND: Find a fab piece of faux fur at a local crafts store. The original PS I Made This post suggested 1-2 yards of fabric. I purchased 1.5 yards. Also keep in mind, faux fur might fray/shed where the fabric is cut!

SUPPLIES: 1-2 yards faux fur, scissors, paper, marker, tape measurer, *string

TIME: 1 hour-ish

STEP 1: Place fabric on flat surface and double check the size of the fabric by measuring from each side. *Additional suggestion: recruit help! My momma was willing to join me in the DIY adventure and was definitely helpful as an extra set of eyes and hands.

>>>The Athens craft store had limited faux fur options, but I chose this rosette patterned cream faux fur with a dark brown lining. If I did the project all over again, I would maybe choose a thicker fur fabric.

STEP TWO: Turn the square piece of fabric into a huge circle using the entire fabric space. You can eyeball it, but we found the center of the fabric square and tied string to a marker to create a perfect circle. Also, you will be working with the fabric from the INSIDE (so make sure you flip the fabric and are drawing and cutting from the inside)

>>>We also moved from the kitchen counter to the floor…which was great, until our dog Rugby got in the way.

STEP 3 (not pictured): Measure the distance between each shoulder (from the inside) so you know where to cut the armholes for the vest

STEP 4: Draw an oval shape on a piece of paper and cut out. I just eyeballed this! These will be the stencil for the arm holes.

STEP 5: You’ll be tracing the oval shape in marker on the back of the fabric. After measuring the distance between your shoulders, you will be putting the two arm hole stencils (oval-shaped piece of paper) this distance apart from each other. For example, if your shoulders are 14 inches apart, find the exact center of the fabric circle and measure 7 inches to the left and 7 inches to the right. Trace the ovals and cut out!

STEP 6 (not pictured)Shake, shake, shake it baby. Like I said, the faux fur will shed a little and fray to give the fur piece a good shake. Also, have your broom handy because the floor will be messy! *Also, the first time I tried on my vest it was a little long so we cut about 1/4 inch off the entire circle. Just repeat Step 2 and cut inside the circle.

STEP 7: Rock your new vest! Personally, I think the vest looks better belted so we tried it with both thick and thin belts. You can also play up with the neckline and have the faux fur exposed or the interior show for a contrast (both pictured below)

Need a thick brown thick belt. And a shower, but that's beside the point.

>>>Where would you wear this faur fur vest? What are some other craft projects you’re interested in doing? A few past DIY adventures I’ve had can be found here. Send any new ideas my way! Much love, xo