24 Years, 24 Lessons Learned

It honestly seems like yesterday I celebrated my 23rd birthday, but here we are again at another birthday. Where did the past 365 days go?! I’m thankful that each year in life continues to be a challenge and a blessing – and better than the year before. Here’s a few lessons I’ve learned over the past 24 years of life. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year and ready for whatever challenges and adventures may come my way!

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24 Years, 24 Lessons Learned:

1. Travel often.
2. You deserve to appreciate all the wonderful qualities you bring to the table
3. Mom is the ultimate problem solver
4. Spend less time on your cell phone/computer and more time with people in person
5. Sometimes, a boy just doesn’t like you. That doesn’t mean you are insignificant, ugly or unimportant…at all. It just means that  individual person isn’t into you, nothing more or less.
6. Floss + wear moisturizer
7. Some days/situations just require a hot cup of tea, a warm pair of socks and your prayer journal.
8. Send handwritten letters, especially thank you notes, whenever you can.
9. “Be open to whatever comes next.”
10. Find out what you are good at and what makes you alive — and go do it.
11. Gossiping solves zero problems, but talking out things that are bothering you usually does.
12. Forever21 + H&M are great for trendy, fun pieces, but always invest in good heels.
13. Read lots of books
14. Never underestimate a good winter coat {especially during snowstorms!}

Andi teggart
15. There’s no need to rush.
16. Time spent with grandparents is never wasted.
17. When it comes to relationships, it’s okay to be picky. Don’t settle.
18. It’s important to know how to cook more than scrambled eggs
19. Appreciate the season of life you’re in at this given time.
20. Accept grace, abandon shame.
21. Those Homecoming dresses you wore in high school…a big no.
22. Smile as frequently as possible.
23. The best years of your life are NOT behind you.
24. Live life on purpose.



7 responses to “24 Years, 24 Lessons Learned

  1. I absolutely love your list! I turned 24 in late November and did the same type of list–it’s so great to look back and realize how much you’ve actually learned. My favorites are 8, 9, and 10. Life is all about building/maintaining good relationships and going out and living YOUR own life, and doing so to the fullest extent. Thanks for sharing, and here’s to a year of even more learning!

  2. I especially agree with number 3 – “mom is the ultimate problem solver”! If only we learned this earlier in life…

  3. Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful, inspirational and exciting people I know! Love you! xoxo

  4. Happy, happy birthday, Andi!!

  5. Happy Birthday, lovely lady! Great list!

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